4 Relationships That You May Not Realize Are Toxic For You

People in your life who suck the life out of you with constant gossips, complaints, selfishness, and negativity are damaging. While some of them you can obviously spot, others are discreet, which you may not realize right away how they are intoxicating your life.


How do you deal with these people? Your first line of defence would be to identify them first. Here are the kinds of relationships that are toxic to your life.

1.       The partner whose world revolves only around you.

This person believes that you are the reason of his existence. While he only wants your happiness, he would also overly involve himself to share with you your pain. Sure, it’s flattering at first, but the pressure builds quickly. It is a fast-track to co-dependency, which can suck you dry eventually.

2.       The friend you constantly compare yourself to.

There’s nothing wrong with admiring your friends, but constantly comparing yourself with them doesn’t help either. If you see your friendship more of a competition rather than a partnership, maybe it’s time to check your self-confidence. What drives this feeling? Do you feel impotent? If so, do something about this and don’t waste the relationship you have with a good friend.

3.       The person in your life who always claim “just being realistic.”


A family member or a friend, this person always claim to have the best intentions at heart and that they care about you so they don’t want to see you get hurt or struggle. What this person may not know is that a little struggle or disappointment is important to grow. One will never get anywhere without taking a few risks.

4.       The kind of relationship you have with yourself.

How any times have you put yourself down compared to the times you build yourself up? And what have you done to ensure that your life is free from the toxicity of negativities around you? Examine how much you have given importance to your dreams and happiness to see whether the relationship you have with yourself is worth cherishing or worth rehabilitating.

You are the only person who can identify these people in your lives. Once you have identified who these people are and what kind of relationship you have with them, seek for ways on how you can deal with them. There’s no need to terminate altogether your relationship with them. Modification of interaction with these people and a healthy mentality on how to accept their manner of treatment towards you will suffice to keep your life positive and balance.


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