5 Good Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Locksmith

With all the different locksmith companies and services booming from place to place, looking for a licensed and credible locksmith has become more difficult day by day. Nearly all the stories that most people who’ve engaged into locksmith services share, involves being victimized by scammers. So before you decide on hiring a locksmith, do contact them first and don’t hesitate to ask a handful of information about their company and their experiences as a locksmith. To help you, here are five questions that you could run through your prospective locksmith Singapore to give you a better understanding on their pricing, as well as their service
availability within your area in Singapore.


1. Are all your locksmith services available 24/7?
This is one of the important questions to ask since most mobile locksmith companies in Singapore are now claiming that they can offer any services that you need around the clock. But it would still help to ask if they can really offer all of their locksmith services 24/7 or not. This is because most technicians who are on night shifts don’t have the training or experience that those daytime and normal business technicians have. Yes, overnight technicians may be able to help you open your locked doors, but will he be able to provide you with new car keys in case you lost yours? It’s important to consider this especially if you’re going to have a one-man locksmith operation. Ask if the locksmith that they’ll be sending you is capable of providing you any kind help even at two in the morning, or if he has someone to cover him up in case he’s on vacation or far from the area.

2. Are the charges for daytime services different from overnight service charges?
It’s important to ask about the differences in their service charges for daytime and overnight services, since some locksmiths do offer cheap flat rate for their lockout services but only during their business hours. While in other locations in Singapore, extra charges are added for the services by a professional and reliable locksmith company in Singapore that are usually done or completed overnight versus the daytime services.

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3. Do you use subcontractors for your overnight services?
Locksmith subcontractors are more likely produced and sent out by companies that are a bit larger and known than your local locksmith Singapore companies. The reason that you might want to ask about this is because some subcontractors tend to charge more than a regular employee would, since they will be responsible for their own insurance and gas. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that if a company has and will send you subcontractor, you’ll be overcharged with the services as well.

4. What are your estimated wait times?
Most locksmith companies will make you believe that they’ll be at your doorstep within 15 minutes or so, while this is somewhat possible for companies that are within your area, there is a zero chance that you’ll get such response time when you call out for help in the middle of the night – unless your locksmith just lives next door. So when you start contacting various locksmith companies, do ask about their estimated response time during the day and in the middle of the night. If a company will give you an honest and realistic wait time, then that company is a keeper.

5. What are your final prices for your locksmith services?
This is definitely one of the biggest questions worth asking. Keep in mind that most locksmith companies can and will use various ways and tricks to make their services appear cheaper than its real price. One of the most infamous ways would be when all of the price on the company’s price list are listed as “starting as” and doesn’t state any limit as to how much the charge could possibly end up raising to. So by the time that you decide to call your locksmith, don’t hesitate to ask about the total service charge that it would take to unlock your house both during day and nighttime. If the company you’re dealing with is hesitant or refuses to deal with your question then feel free to think twice about engaging them. You can also ask the same question for services that offer car key replacements or unlocking of car doors. But if you’re too busy to call the locksmith company, try dropping an e-mail to them instead and see if they would be more than willing to respond to your questions.

Being guarded and prepared are the important steps that could save you from becoming a prey for all the locksmith scammers in various areas in Singapore. If you can smoothly run these questions to your chosen locksmith company, without the red flags raising in your mind, then the company that you’re trying to hire can definitely be trusted to do and cater to your locksmith need without getting ripped off.

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