8 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Plain White Shirt

Next to blue jeans and white sneakers, there’s nothing quite as staple as a humble white T-shirt. It’s a cool, comfortable and versatile piece of clothing you can wear anytime, anywhere. However, it could get repetitive wearing the same staple piece over and over again. Here, we’ve compiled eight ways to style this wardrobe must-have and never have to worry about looking like wearing the same shirt every single day.


1. Layer It Up

It’s always fun to wear bright-coloured tanks underneath an oversized white tee. Tie the bottom of the shirt into a knot and let the tank peek through the shirt. Your plain tee won’t look so plain anymore.

2. Pair It With High-Waisted Bottoms

All you need to do is to tuck your shirt into a high-waist jeans, shorts or skirt. The plainness of the shirt can look like you did not try hard and you just threw it on mindlessly. Sport a messy bun for an even more effortlessly chic look.

3. Dress It Down With Culottes and Sandals

Don’t be afraid to wear culottes. White shirts are the safest pairing to any bottoms you may have. Pick a printed one and pair with flip flops or sandals for a laid-back and summer-ready look.

4. Accessorize With Statement Pieces

With an interesting piece of accessory, you can divert people’s attention from the monotony of your shirt. Perhaps, you can wear a bold-coloured scarf, a statement necklace or a chunky bracelet that will match your overall outfit.


5. Make It Work-Appropriate With Blazer

Make your plain white tee look work-appropriate by covering it up in blazer and pairing it with fitted slacks and pointy-toed shoes. This will give you a more formal appeal for the office.

6. Use It As Undershirt

Make it an undershirt for a dress. Plain tees are great undershirt for dresses, especially for floral dresses. It’s even great to wear with flimsy sleeveless dresses and a pair of sneakers.

7. Wear It With Bold Lipstick

A bright lipstick can always perk up a plain outfit. Think of bright pink or bold red lips worn with plain white shirt. Any of these lip colours scream supermodel.

8. Make it Edgy With Leather Jacket

For an edgy ensemble that will work at school and at night out, layer a black leather jacket over your white tee and pair it up with peep-toe heeled boots to complete the outfit. To kick it up a notch, accessorize with ear cuff and studded sling bag.


Dressing up or down a plain white shirt isn’t difficult at all. However, regardless of how you want to glam up your plain white tee, what matters most is that you’re comfortable and confident wearing it.

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