Activities to Boost Brain Health

The human brain is the most incredible organ in the body. It enables us to talk, move, smell, taste, and controls the body’s physical activities. We’re also lucky to live at this time, when science and technology have made great leaps to understand more about human brain than ever before.


So what can we do to boost the health of our brain? A few lifestyle changes and some simple exercises can make a great difference. Here are some of the best ways experts recommend.

1.       Do Aerobics

Aerobics increases the heart rate, which also increases the blood flow to the brain. A combination of aerobics and strength training is ideal for brain health. An hour of aerobics and strength exercises three times a week is enough to boost healthy blood flow to the brain.

2.       Eat Healthily

If the food is heart healthy, consider them brain healthy, too. Fruits like berries are excellent source of antioxidants. Opt for freshly squeezed fruit juice or blend fresh fruits and juice for a nutritious smoothie. Salads and yogurts are also good eats to perk up brain function. As for supplements, Ginkgo biloba is a great antioxidant supplement that helps regulate blood flow to the brain.

3.       Engage In Brain Exercises

From as simple as thinking positively to as complex as solving a Sudoku, you’re encouraging your brain to work, which is always beneficial for your brain’s health. Meditation, or any conscious effort to focus, is an excellent way to engage brain activity without interruptions.


4.       Learn a New Language

Learning a new language challenges your ability to remember, recognize, and understand new words. They also exercise your grammatical skills, vocabulary, and fluency. By learning a language, as well as playing word games, you expand your knowledge by encouraging your brain to work constantly.

Some more ways to improve brain health:

  • Read a book
  • Listen to classical music
  • Cry when you feel like it. Crying cleanses the brain and, thus, promotes healthy circulation.
  • Mimic other’s actions (i.e. impersonation). This taps the areas of the brain that are not typically active.

The goal is to increase blood flow to the brain in order to boost its performance. With a combination of healthy eating habit, physical exercise, and regular cognitive exercise, we increase the energy levels of the brain, which leads to better-functioning organ.


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