Overcoming Your Writer’s Block

In a writer’s career, there is great chance he or she has experienced writer’s block. Renowned and budding writers alike have experienced hitting a mental brick wall and not accomplishing a pending work or writing a new one.


It can be very frustrating for the writer or it can also cause problems at work especially when you’re under a time crunch and have to reach a deadline. Here are some helpful tips to overcome your writer’s block:

Read to Lead

One common exercise a lot of writers do to overcome their writer’s block is reading. You have to read and read in order to gain new ideas and material. If you are having difficulties writing, step away from your work and go read instead. This will help you gain new inspiration or even get new wording ideas.

Man Reading Book and Sitting on Bookshelf in Library

Take a Break

When you realize that you can’t give anymore into finishing your work, it is important to take a break from your writing. Don’t force yourself to finish everything in one sitting. Writing has to come to you naturally. When you fail to grasp new concepts or you can’t think of something meaningful to write, try to relax instead of forcing ideas to come out of your head.

Find a Conducive Environment

Your writing atmosphere is a very crucial part of finishing and completing your work. If your writing space is uncomfortable or has a lot of distractions, you may need to adjust that. Some writers are very particular when it comes to their working space. There are a lot of choices depending on your preferences.


Kids Could Have Fun Even Without Their Gadgets

With the increasing usage of technology for our recreation and entertainment nowadays, it could sure be a little challenging to engage kids to do other fun activities beyond the scope of their gadgets and the social media. So to give you ideas of what they could spend their time and energy on instead, here is a list of kid-friendly activities worthy of their time and sure to make them have fun.


Fun Outdoors

Children weren’t meant to be contained in the confines of the home, they were meant to explore. And what better place to explore than outdoors! Here in Singapore, there are several outdoor spots to choose from but one location that kids will surely enjoy is the West Coast Park. It houses one of the largest playgrounds in Singapore, the Adventure Playground. This aptly named playground offers different play structures so kids could enjoy several options and try out different adventures, from the classic swings to the rope pyramid. But West Coast Park has more to offer. Kids could also bring their bikes and go cycling all over the park. They could also fly kites and build sand castles in the sand pits.


 Baked with Love

Baking isn’t just for homemakers anymore. Recently, more and more people have grown fond of it. And what’s not to love? You get to unleash the master patissier in you and you get to eat your creations as well. So don’t let the little ones fall behind this growing trend and enroll them to a baking class. Aside from the fun that they’ll be having, they’ll also learn and practice many things in these classes such as basic Math for measuring the ingredients, Science for how the ingredients interact with one another, and of course the patience to keep practicing until they’ve finally got it right. Let your kids or nephews or nieces try a baking class such as the one offered by Cooking Class Singapore.


Nurture their Creativity

A fun way for kids to learn and develop new skills is through art and Abrakadoodle has indeed mastered teaching this craft to kids of all ages. At Abrakadoodle, kids will learn about techniques from master artists, become inspired, and develop their creative skills. Not only that but they will also build their confidence along the process. So, send your kids on the path to creativity and enroll them in an art class. Abrakadoodle offers different classes designed for kids of varying ages.

Automobile Care Awareness

For the month of extending your care to your loved ones, why not try to extend your care to a non living entity that serves you daily? The four wheeled vehicle that takes your places. Yes, your car. It deserves a little care as well. Taking care of your car doesn’t mean that you have it serviced every time something wrong comes up with it. Think of spending a little on it and it can actually save you a lot of headaches and make a great year on the road.

Full Set Car Detailing Treatment In Malaysia

Whether it be bought brand new or through the course of car auctions or online car sales, your car deserves to be taken care of. Think of it as safeguarding an investment. It is recommended to follow the tips below to routinely maintain your car:


  1. Monthly: check your tires, lights and windshield washer fluid for pressure and condition
  2. Every three (3) months: check engine oil, filter, levels of fluids like automatic transmission, power steering and brake. Also include battery and cables, belts and hoses.
  3. Every six (6) months or miles: check chassis lubrication and windshield wipers be replaced.
  4. Every twelve (12) or 12,000 miles: check brakes, spark plugs, coolant and steering and suspension.

It is indeed a responsibility of every car owner to take care of his car. Yes, it can be expensive and time consuming but the investment you make today will save you money along the way.



Top Hangout Places for you and your Girl Friends

Coffee shops (a place to catch up with friends)

When you are in a Coffee shop, you will have this cosy and relaxing feeling that’s why it really makes you and your girlfriend stay and feel the moment. It also gives you a feeling of being classy and chic. Let’s face it, when you’re thinking about coffee shops, you are thinking of the French people having intelligent conversation while drinking their coffee. Usually coffee shops are in the mall, which makes it more convenient, you just go there, order and chat.


Girlfriend’s bedroom (a place where secrets were revealed)

Nothing beats the fun that most girls are having when they can throw pillows with each other, wear sexy lingerie’s and be crazy as they can be. This is the snuggest place where they can talk about anything. This is usually the place where they share most of their secrets. Perhaps it is because they are that comfortable with each other and they seem to feel secured in the place.


Rooftop (a place for sentiments)

This is the place where in girls share their dreams and most of the serious side of their life. This is maybe because of the dreamy view of the stars at night that really adds on the sentimental feeling.

Beach side (a place to party)

Some girls can’t get over with the beach party. Beers, wine, loud music and the bonfire, perfect for a simple party with your girlfriends. This is usually where girls bring their boyfriends to just enjoy their night all together.


Tips to Eliminate Dust Mites


For a small creature, a dust mite surely bring up a lot of trouble. According to scientists here in Singapore, 80% of 8000 people showed allergic reactions to dust mites and 15% of which showed asthma symptoms. Another 40% also showed allergic rhinitis signs. This is alarming especially that these mites are invisible.

The good thing is that you can do something about this. Here are some things that you can practice to eliminate dust mites:

Clearing the Air

Dust mites are considered an allergen so it can cause asthma or allergies. Suffering from sniffling, sneezing or allergies is miserable so it should be eliminated. The first thing that you should consider is the air circulating around you. Air conditioning is helpful to control the allergies or asthma. When you use it, at least consider a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter.

Beddings, Drapes and Carpets


It is recommended to get rid of carpets and heavy curtains at home. These things can collect dust. As for your furniture, woods or leather will do. For your beddings, use tightly woven fabrics so that dust and the mites will not settle. If you are really serious about eliminating dust mites, you should think about getting a small rug.

Cleaning the Whole House

Cleaning is essential. If you have allergies or asthma, it is important that you clean the house as often as you can. You should at least mop you floors every day. For your carpets or rugs, vacuuming it every day can be of great help. For your countertops, you need to wipe it with dry cloth. Whatever you think that collects dusts, clean it.

Dust mites should not be ignored or underestimated because it can lead to serious illness. It is important that you practice cleaning all the time. Remember that they thrive in dust and they will annoy you unless you find a way to eliminate them.