Everything You Need to Know About Aromatherapy and...

Aromatherapy is becoming more widely used in households for anxiety, insomnia, and for tiredness and exhaustion in general. They are also becoming more popular in a lot of clinics and nursing homes as a way to take stress away from patients.

But what exactly is aromatherapy and how can it help you?

What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the process of using natural, or “essential”, oils that are extracted from different kinds of plant material, such as stems, roots, leaves, and even flowers and bark. The “use” often means heating the oil in order to release the smell, but there are also other ways that this can be done.

Different plants have different medicinal properties that can heal certain conditions and help to relax people who are anxious and stressed, which makes aromatherapy a popular practice in various forms of healthcare.

Why You Should Get Started
Aromatherapy is great for treating the following:
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Fatigue
• High blood pressure
• Insomnia
• Headaches
• Asthma
• Congestion
• Coughing

It’s also a great way for feeling good in general, especially after a long day, as the scents themselves are oils from plants that are also used in a lot of perfume, skin care, and even hair products, such as shampoo.

There are also a lot of qualities that the scents from essential oils are known for, such as the following:
• Lavender – Soporific
• Sweet orange – Playful
• Frankincense, tangerine – Calming
• Cinnamon leaf – Amorous

Essential oils have also been used in cleaning products because of their antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

How to Use Aromatherapy
While aromatherapy has been around for a long time, newer methods, such as a diffuser, make it more efficient and allow you to get the most out of your oils.

You can also skip the diffuser and just inhale it directly by applying a small amount on your palm and rubbing your hands together, after which you can take a few deep breaths of the oil. Keep in mind that when applying oils directly, keep them away from your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

On Essential Oils
Essential oils can be used topically aside from aromatherapy, and can have significant effects when applied on certain pressure points in the right amount and in the right dosage.

When it comes to topical applications, carrier oils are often used, such as jojoba, argan, or coconut oil. This is because some essential oils are more potent than others and can cause certain skin irritations and allergies.
Carrier oils dilute the essential oil to make it safe enough that you can apply it to your body, and you can both buy and even make these oils in your own home by chopping up plant material and boiling them for their extracts in a simple, easy to do process.

4 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Your Ai...

When the humid climate in Singapore starts to make you really sweaty, you want to be able to count on your aircon unit at home or at work to make sure that you stay cool and comfortable, and if it’s in your office, keeping cool can keep productivity high.

Every aircon unit needs a little bit of care to keep on running as smoothly as possible. However, there are a few more things you need to know about your air-conditioning units, such as the following:

1. Dirty aircon filters will kill your airflow and efficiency.
Filters don’t just maintain the quality of the cool air you get – they also Aircon filters keep dust, debris, and even tiny mold spores from getting into the unit’s fan, but it can eventually build up over time. When this happens, your A/C unit will have to work harder, which results in potential overworking and reduced overall performance.

Aside from regularly cleaning the filters, you can keep your aircon units cool by installing blinds or awnings to shield them from direct sunlight (which can also decrease their overall performance).

2. You can connect your aircon to a thermostat to keep your room cool.
One of the best parts about having an A/C unit at home is that you can program it to start cooling at any time of the day.

For instance, when you are away, you can program it to start at a certain time, such as when you get out of work. That way, when you get home, you will always be greeted with a cool breeze that serves as a welcome break.

3. Aircon units have a limited life span.
Different types of aircon units have different life spans. While a good HVAC will most likely have a lifespan between fifteen and twenty years, the average AC unit will have a lifespan six to eight, and can last up to ten with good maintenance.

This makes maintaining your aircon units a must if you want to keep them working efficiently well past their shelf life, and especially if you start seeing any signs that could indicate that something is off with your unit, such as smoke and funny noises or smells.

4. Aircon servicing for your units is a must.
Maintaining your aircon unit/s for your home or office is one thing, but regular servicing to make sure they are always in peak condition is another.

You will especially need to call aircon servicing if you experience problems for your unit/s, and because most problems will be electrical, looking for problems such as blown fuses and circuit breakers can save you a lot of problems later on.

Overcoming Your Writer’s Block

In a writer’s career, there is great chance he or she has experienced writer’s block. Renowned and budding writers alike have experienced hitting a mental brick wall and not accomplishing a pending work or writing a new one.


It can be very frustrating for the writer or it can also cause problems at work especially when you’re under a time crunch and have to reach a deadline. Here are some helpful tips to overcome your writer’s block:

Read to Lead

One common exercise a lot of writers do to overcome their writer’s block is reading. You have to read and read in order to gain new ideas and material. If you are having difficulties writing, step away from your work and go read instead. This will help you gain new inspiration or even get new wording ideas.

Man Reading Book and Sitting on Bookshelf in Library

Take a Break

When you realize that you can’t give anymore into finishing your work, it is important to take a break from your writing. Don’t force yourself to finish everything in one sitting. Writing has to come to you naturally. When you fail to grasp new concepts or you can’t think of something meaningful to write, try to relax instead of forcing ideas to come out of your head.

Find a Conducive Environment

Your writing atmosphere is a very crucial part of finishing and completing your work. If your writing space is uncomfortable or has a lot of distractions, you may need to adjust that. Some writers are very particular when it comes to their working space. There are a lot of choices depending on your preferences.


Summer Thirst Quenchers

The intense heat of the season is one great excuse to queue up outside the stalls of thirst quencher makers. So if you’re in a hunt for that cold cup of great-tasting refreshment, this list is just here to guide you.



If you’re looking for some serious fruit fanatics, then the people behind Freshman are whom you’re looking for. They know they’re stuff like they’ve finished a degree on it. So you’re guaranteed no less than great quality, fresh fruit juices every time. They provide a wide selection of fruit juices sure to quench your thirst while nourishing your body with all the goodness enriched in fresh fruits. Their drinks are not only good for you, they’re also friendly on your budget.

Koi Cafe

With more than 10 outlets all over Singapore, Koi Cafe has proven time and again that there is a high demand for their products. The usual queues outside their stores are also proof that consumers couldn’t get enough of their delicious concoctions. For the summer heat, they’ve got plenty of cold drinks to choose from. They have iced teas, milk teas, and bubble teas.

13 - 31

Smoothie King

Smoothies are a yummy way to beat the heat. But do you want to be a little adventurous with your smoothie? Then let Smoothie King do that for you. Here, you can opt to put an add-on to your smoothie. They offer choices such as multivitamins, protein, and fiber and there’s no need to worry because these add-ons won’t make your smoothie taste horrible. Your smoothie will remain perfectly delicious. So grab a hold of this unique treat at 176 Orchard Road, #01-09/11 The CentrePoint.



Kids Could Have Fun Even Without Their Gadgets

With the increasing usage of technology for our recreation and entertainment nowadays, it could sure be a little challenging to engage kids to do other fun activities beyond the scope of their gadgets and the social media. So to give you ideas of what they could spend their time and energy on instead, here is a list of kid-friendly activities worthy of their time and sure to make them have fun.


Fun Outdoors

Children weren’t meant to be contained in the confines of the home, they were meant to explore. And what better place to explore than outdoors! Here in Singapore, there are several outdoor spots to choose from but one location that kids will surely enjoy is the West Coast Park. It houses one of the largest playgrounds in Singapore, the Adventure Playground. This aptly named playground offers different play structures so kids could enjoy several options and try out different adventures, from the classic swings to the rope pyramid. But West Coast Park has more to offer. Kids could also bring their bikes and go cycling all over the park. They could also fly kites and build sand castles in the sand pits.


 Baked with Love

Baking isn’t just for homemakers anymore. Recently, more and more people have grown fond of it. And what’s not to love? You get to unleash the master patissier in you and you get to eat your creations as well. So don’t let the little ones fall behind this growing trend and enroll them to a baking class. Aside from the fun that they’ll be having, they’ll also learn and practice many things in these classes such as basic Math for measuring the ingredients, Science for how the ingredients interact with one another, and of course the patience to keep practicing until they’ve finally got it right. Let your kids or nephews or nieces try a baking class such as the one offered by Cooking Class Singapore.


Nurture their Creativity

A fun way for kids to learn and develop new skills is through art and Abrakadoodle has indeed mastered teaching this craft to kids of all ages. At Abrakadoodle, kids will learn about techniques from master artists, become inspired, and develop their creative skills. Not only that but they will also build their confidence along the process. So, send your kids on the path to creativity and enroll them in an art class. Abrakadoodle offers different classes designed for kids of varying ages.

Automobile Care Awareness

For the month of extending your care to your loved ones, why not try to extend your care to a non living entity that serves you daily? The four wheeled vehicle that takes your places. Yes, your car. It deserves a little care as well. Taking care of your car doesn’t mean that you have it serviced every time something wrong comes up with it. Think of spending a little on it and it can actually save you a lot of headaches and make a great year on the road.

Full Set Car Detailing Treatment In Malaysia

Whether it be bought brand new or through the course of car auctions or online car sales, your car deserves to be taken care of. Think of it as safeguarding an investment. It is recommended to follow the tips below to routinely maintain your car:


  1. Monthly: check your tires, lights and windshield washer fluid for pressure and condition
  2. Every three (3) months: check engine oil, filter, levels of fluids like automatic transmission, power steering and brake. Also include battery and cables, belts and hoses.
  3. Every six (6) months or miles: check chassis lubrication and windshield wipers be replaced.
  4. Every twelve (12) or 12,000 miles: check brakes, spark plugs, coolant and steering and suspension.

It is indeed a responsibility of every car owner to take care of his car. Yes, it can be expensive and time consuming but the investment you make today will save you money along the way.