The Forms and Impacts of Bullying


Bullying is widespread even here in Singapore. There are obvious and subtle manifestations. Adults and young Singaporeans experience such but the prevalent cases are seen in the classroom and workplace. Bullying occurs when someone scares, threatens or hurts another individual on purpose. Everyone should step up to stop bullying. Bullying is clearly wrong and it should be stopped at all costs.

You should know that there are different types of bullying. It is important that you know the different types so you can distinguish the form to avoid or prevent it. Here are some types of bullying:


  1. Verbal – Words are like sword that can pierce through the heart. It does not stop there because it will linger for a long time. Verbal bullying is in the form of name calling, teasing, making negative remarks based on one’s religion, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation and many others.
  2. Social – Social bullying is also prevalent. It includes humiliating someone publicly, excluding others from the group, blaming someone, incriminating someone and many more. It is so painful that the person will think they are not worth the company.
  3. Physical – Of all the forms, physical bullying will bear the mark. Physical bullying includes poking, coercing, stealing, hitting and other things. This is very painful that the wounds will not heal immediately. If you experience such, you can seek the help of authorities.
  4. Cyber – Cyber bullying is very common these days. The internet paved way to this new form of bullying. In this form, the person may experience intimidation or threats via text messaging and internet. In cyber bullying, someone will make fun of another person by spreading rumours and other things that can taint the person’s personality.

Bullying is not a shallow issue. In fact, it is a serious problem that should be addressed by parents, teachers and the whole community right away. Bullying makes people very unhappy, lonely and frightened. If you are a victim, you always feel uneasy and unsafe not to mention you will surely lose your self-confidence.

Everyone should know that bullying has a long term psychological and physical effects. The direst thing is withdrawal from the family and the social circle. The person will also encounter nightmares, exhaustion, shyness and panic attacks.

If bullying is not stopped, it will progress into aggression and the violence throughout adulthood. It will eventually lead to criminal behaviour and harassment. So, while it is early, it is important that you help stop bullying. You should tell your teens about the impacts of bullying to other people.


Dealing with a Terror Attack

Terror attacks are purely evil and horrible. This can strike anytime and anywhere so it is important that all people know how to deal with it. On November 18, the Civil Defence Force and the Police Force joined hands for the annual anti terror exercises. The exercise is named “Exercise Heartbeat”. The two forces played possible terrorist scenarios and how to deal with it. They included a vehicle blast at the Plaza Singapura, shooting riot at Biopolis and suicide bomber hit at the Land Tower.

What about the people? These exercises only prepare the forces and how they will respond. Only a few know what to do. All people should be taught to increase their chances of survival. Here are some tips that you can considering during a terrorist attack:


1. Try to remain calm

No matter what you are going through or what has happened around you, the best thing that you can do is gather your composure, be patient and be calm. Outburst of emotion can cloud your judgment. Do not be hysterical because it cannot help.

2. Follow local officials

If local officials advised you to move or stay, you should follow them because they know what they are doing. If you do not follow them and stray in the group, you will surely be in harm’s way.


3. Listen or watch for news

When something big has happened, you need to listen to your radio or better yet watch news for latest updates and instructions. You have to know what is happening so you will know how to proceed. Do not worry because officials will help you.

4. If you are near the site, check for injuries

If you are near the site where terrorism happened, you should check for injuries. If you are safe, look around and if you see seriously injured people, call help right away. If you are not that hurt, you can consider first aid while waiting for the medics or ambulance.

Simple Ways to Get Over Someone

Getting over someone you love and care about is hard but sometimes, you have to let go of things to welcome wonderful experiences. If it didn’t work out or if it drains you rather than energizes you, it is about time to let it go and move on. But it is easier said than done, would you agree? The good news here is that you don’t have to do crazy or complicated things to get over someone because there are simple ways that you can consider to get over him/her.


You can start by following this:

Even if it is hard, stop thinking about him/her

If the breakup is fresh, it is okay to think about him/her but if it is that long, condition yourself to stop thinking about him/her. Yes this is hard but if you are used to it, you will notice that you can manage the day without even thinking about him/her for a second. Here’s a trick- if you think about him/her, think of the bad things about him/her.

You should also get rid of all memories so you won’t remember him/her. Hide photo albums and gifts. If possible, burn it. If you are really serious about forgetting him/her, you should “un-friend” or “un-follow” him/her.

Rediscover yourself

It is time that you give yourself importance. Do the things that make you happy instead of wallowing in that dark corner. If you have hobbies and interests, pursue them. You will feel that you don’t need him/her to be happy. Take time to be with the family and friends. They will surely welcome you.

Accept it

It is important that you accept it. Don’t try to force yourself because they will only pity you. Accept the things that you cannot change and you should learn from it.

File Sharing Tools For Better Business

Network administrators use different tools for the back-up, retrieval and security of every business-related data. The tools that they commonly use in completing these tasks are a combination of external hard drives, compact discs, and online storage or backup server. But what really is the capacity of these tools regarding backup and file sharing? Are they suitable for your needs? Read on to know more.


Flash Drives

In Singapore, the most popular tool for printing and data storage on every file server is the portable flash drives, also known as USB, and the external hard drives. They are very much affordable and very small, enough to sit unnoticeably connected to the router. Also, USB drives have no parts that can be subject to hardware malfunction, so they stay functional without worrying about regular maintenance. However, unlike in an online backup server in Singapore the vast data storage capacity of this device, which is often viewed as an advantage, is very much prone to malwares and viruses that could harm the organization’s cyber-infrastructure. And if you have bigger organization, you will need more than one external hard drive, because a single unit is not capable of expanding into a bigger memory if ever you’ll need more space.

Online Storage

Online storage or backup server is said to be the least used option for corporate organizations. Yes, it may be very convenient in terms of file sharing and portability of the file server, but it certainly decreases the security of the files no matter how much precautions are done to preserve the exclusivity of the information. This kind of storage that can be provided by dynatech file sharing in Singapore is much preferred by individuals for them to back-up their personal files of music, movies and photos.

One of the popular online storage or backup server that offers the same file server task is the cloud. It makes use of the internet and different kinds of communication tools like iPad, smartphones, laptops, and PCs. Cloud storage in Singapore offers the same exact features of a standard file server plus the easy accessibility of files anytime, anywhere. Also, the cloud has no hardware or setup costs, which is why a lot of Singapore businesses are adapting it in their processes. It also allows you to back-up files and do file sharing within the group even your miles away from each other.


Compact Discs

Though no longer very popular, a still common alternative to using online backup server or file server is the use of compact discs. The use of compact discs to back up and store files are said to be efficient because it is less prone to accidental deletions and power meltdowns relatively common to virtual mechanism storage. Also, if you want file sharing in different locations, you can recopy the CDs and send it out to those who needed it. Your files are safe from accidental deletions, and so from viruses and malwares. Unfortunately, compact discs have almost no place in file storage for companies because of the large storage capacity offered by hard drives.

Things to Remember When You Are in a Relationship

Love is a gift that is given to everyone, yet not everyone can cultivate it into becoming into fulfilling relationships. Being in a relationship brings a lot of positive effects in our life. It can improve our emotional, psychological and physical being. But it can also be exhausting if it’s not working. Think of relationships as an investment – the more we put in, the more we get back. But whether it is a bad or good investment, is up to us.

Who wants to waste an investment? No one of course, so we should do our best make our relationship work. There are things that we should remember when we are in a relationship.

More Quality Time

Quality time can be as simple as watching TV together while eating popcorn or it can be as splendid as a vacation in the Caribbean. How we spend quality time is not important as long as we are together, rekindling love. If quality time is not our priority, we should think twice because our relationship will disintegrate in no time.


It is not enough to coexist peacefully. Sometimes we need to talk about different things, especially if it directly affects the relationship. We should set expectations and priorities, talk about our feelings and plans for the future. When couples stop relating, the relationship will surely end. Aside from words, small gestures can affirm our feelings. A simple tap in the shoulder, a kiss and a hug for instance can make a huge difference.

Expect Bad Times

Relationships often bring happiness, but sometimes it can also cause disappointments and frustrations. In other words, things won’t always be perfect and pure bliss. We should be aware of this and when it hits us, the best thing that we should do is work together to deal with the situation.

Planning that Perfect Party

Celebrations are part of our lives. We are so happy that we want to share it to many people. Party is the most common form of celebration. Whether we are welcoming a new member to our family, celebrating engagement, wedding, thanksgiving, graduation, birthday and anniversary, we always think of throwing a party.

If we are the host, we are anxious because we want our party to be remembered. We can either hire the best event planner in our area or we can do it our own way. Planning a party is challenging but with the help of some reminders, everything will run smoothly.

Settle on the budget

The initial thought of having a party means there is money but how much are we willing to spend? If we pondered on that, we can move on to finding our venue. It is practical if we celebrate it in the house but if we want a grand one, we are always free to consider other venues. We should inspect the place first before paying the reservation fee.

Make the necessary preparations

We have the venue, now we should decide the time and the day. If it is final, we can now start making our invitations. If it is not that formal, we can always text, call or email our guests to save time and money. Let us not forget to make a guest list.

After that, we should think about the theme of our party. There are many ideas in the internet that we can consider or we can simply rely on the power of our imagination and creativity. Parties will never be parties without food. People will remember the party if there is good food and booze.

Enjoy the party

It is better to enjoy the party than continuously worry for any mishaps. If we are that worried, we can always make back up plans.