Clothes You Should Never Put In the Dryer

Dryers are great inventions and have become a household necessity over the years. However, there are clothing pieces that should never be in the dryer. If you want to avoid warping, shrinking, or straight-up destroying some of your clothes, know what wardrobe pieces must never go to your dryer.


1.       Bras

Bras are not meant for dryers, ladies. Though it’s a bit of a hassle, air-drying your bras preserve the shape and extend the life of these undergarments much longer. Bras are probably the most delicate clothing pieces that they require special care—dry them flat and reshaped in their original form.

2.       Bathing Suits

While bathing suits can withstand the outdoor heat, the harsh temperature inside the dryer can make spandex brittle. Don’t worry though for small amounts of spandex (like those in the band of your jeans), they’ll stay intact and elastic.

3.       Tights or Pantyhose

Such delicate material shrinks in the heat, while the tumbling motion inside the dryer can cause them to get tangled. Have you tried untangling a pair of hosiery? You definitely don’t want to try that.


4.       Pieces With Embellishments

Think stones and sequins. The tumble cycle that happens in the dryer can cause damage to your fancy dresses and tops, while snagging other items in the drying process. For clothing pieces with delicate embellishments, it’s safer to hang dry them—or if the material is too thin—lay them flat to air out.

5.       Wool Sweaters

While it feels rough and strong to skin, wool is a fragile fabric. A run through the dryer can break down the fabric and damage the look of your sweater. It’s best for wool sweaters to dry them out flat.

6.       Lace Items

Many lace items can withstand the heat in the dryer, but the tumbling motion can cause damage to this delicate fabric. They can easily collect things like lint and strings off of other clothing items. Lace is delicate and a beautiful type of material that you want to take extra care of.

In general, anything that comes with a care tag that warns against dryers should never be put in the dryer. Most of these items are those made of delicate materials and hand-sewn embellishments on them. Lengthen the life of your favourite garments by knowing how to safely wash and dry them.


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