Dealing with a Terror Attack

Terror attacks are purely evil and horrible. This can strike anytime and anywhere so it is important that all people know how to deal with it. On November 18, the Civil Defence Force and the Police Force joined hands for the annual anti terror exercises. The exercise is named “Exercise Heartbeat”. The two forces played possible terrorist scenarios and how to deal with it. They included a vehicle blast at the Plaza Singapura, shooting riot at Biopolis and suicide bomber hit at the Land Tower.

What about the people? These exercises only prepare the forces and how they will respond. Only a few know what to do. All people should be taught to increase their chances of survival. Here are some tips that you can considering during a terrorist attack:


1. Try to remain calm

No matter what you are going through or what has happened around you, the best thing that you can do is gather your composure, be patient and be calm. Outburst of emotion can cloud your judgment. Do not be hysterical because it cannot help.

2. Follow local officials

If local officials advised you to move or stay, you should follow them because they know what they are doing. If you do not follow them and stray in the group, you will surely be in harm’s way.


3. Listen or watch for news

When something big has happened, you need to listen to your radio or better yet watch news for latest updates and instructions. You have to know what is happening so you will know how to proceed. Do not worry because officials will help you.

4. If you are near the site, check for injuries

If you are near the site where terrorism happened, you should check for injuries. If you are safe, look around and if you see seriously injured people, call help right away. If you are not that hurt, you can consider first aid while waiting for the medics or ambulance.

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