His Business Success Can Be Your Business Success Too

When you put up a business, you can expect one of the two things: gain or lose. Of course you want to gain and eventually expand. But you cannot expect that all the time because there are bigger chances that will lose and fail.

Do not lose hope because you will succeed if you are serious about your business. When failure is in the corner, you have no choice but to stand up, gather the pieces and start from there. The next endeavour will be better because you will know what to expect and where to improve. Have you heard about the success story of Mr. Brans Ong?


Mr. Ong, like other businessmen lost almost S$400,000 on his first try but it did not keep him from becoming the owner of his own business consultancy, the APF Group. APF Group provides guidance to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) here in Singapore. The group effectively organizes collaboration from SMEs to local companies and eventually regional business entities.

If you avail of the group’s expertise, you will be told to:

Have a system

To be successful, you need to have a system. You have to create a list each day and make sure to complete it. The point is to remember what you should do.

Maintain a record

A detailed record should be maintained. By doing so, you will know the financial standing the challenges you will face.

Stay focused

Stay focused because you will not make money immediately. It is important that you are patient because it takes time. Focus on your goals and you will surely succeed.

Be consistent

Being consistent in your system, plans and employee is the key to a successful business. Consistency will encourage positive long-term habits.

Offer good service  

Offering good customer service is crucial. If you offer a good service, they will surely come back and bring more.

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