How Singapore Deals With Air Pollution

Air pollution poses a threat not only in here Singapore but the whole world. How does Singapore deal with air pollution? The city has NEA (National Environment Agency) that effectively monitors air pollution. Air pollution here is controlled under the EPCA (Environmental Pollution Control Act) of 1999 and other supplementary guidelines.

Here in Singapore, the primary sources of air pollution are from industries (like oil refineries and power stations), transportation and others (like open blazing of waste). The major air pollutants are lead, sulphur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide and other particulates. Singapore is doing its best to minimize the emissions.


The main job of NEA is to ensure that the industries do not cause a risk in the health and safety of the public. They can do this by evaluating, controlling and monitoring the pollution impact, hazards and emissions of industries. NEA performs regular assessments of industries to warrant that equipments for air pollution are operated and preserved correctly.

NEA also releases a code (Code of Practice on Pollution Control) that carries information on controlling air pollution, emission standards and obligations. For detailed description of this code, you can get a copy from the internet.

The public is also invited to join this cause. The households also emit air pollutants so no one is really exempted. If you want to know more about what you can do to help minimize air pollution, you can go the NEA office located in 40 Scotts Road. You should do your part and minimize air pollution. Spread awareness so other people will know.

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