Improving of Changi Airport

Good news for frequent flyers out there, the Changi Airport is thinking about increasing taxi bays for Terminal 1. The increase of taxi bays is a way to ensure that all commuters or passengers are served immediately. According to the study conducted by Civil Aviation Authority, most of the passengers (about 90%) are in a taxi queue waiting for ten minutes before boarding a taxi. Aside from that, there is an upcoming complex called the “Project Jewel”.


Apart from the improvements, Changi Airport is proud of its facilities and services. If you are waiting for your next flight, there is no need to be bored because the airport will give you everything that you need. The Changi Airport has:

  • Baby Care Room – If you are travelling with your children or babies, Changi Airport has this room where you can take care of the needs of your baby.
  • Baggage Services – If you want to go around Singapore, you can consider baggage services. The service is secure and safe so do not worry.
  • Pharmacies – If you feel sick or unwell, there are pharmacies around the airport or better yet you can go directly to the clinics installed around the airport.
  • Convenience Store – If you are in need of various products, you do not need to look further because here at Changi Airport, you can buy anything that you need.changi-2
  • Prayer Room – The airport has this prayer room. If you want to pray for your safety during your travel or you simply want a silent and peaceful place, you can head to the prayer room.
  • Smoking Areas – Smoking is forbidden in public areas and enclosed, air-conditioned spaces but if you wish to smoke at the airport, you should head out to the designated smoking area.
  • Theatre – The airport has free theatres. You can catch a movie while waiting for your next flight. The theatres here are 24 hours open so you can come by any time you want.

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