Is There a Trend for Dating Older Partners?

There is a saying that age doesn’t matter. Regardless of the age, as long as the two people agree to be together, no matter the terms, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if it talks about dating older men and women for a luxurious life, there might be different reactions. There is a new and controversial trend now.


The trend involves the online dating space wherein youngsters willingly sign up as sugar babies to date sugar mommies and daddies in return for arrangements like gifts and cash. Not all Singaporean know about the concept of sugar daddies and mommies. Sugar daddy is a word used to describe older men (or in the case of sugar mommy, older women) who proposes financial and other support to a younger acquaintance (which is called sugar baby) in exchange for favours.

Looking for a sugar baby is established these days. Sugar daddies and mommies can now can easily look for a companion because of websites like Seeking Arrangement. Seeking Arrangement brags of its more than 5 million members in more than 100 territories. What does this tell us? This trade is viral and no one can stop it, even hackers.

The site allows people to join and upload their profiles. The profiles features photos of men (ages 31 to 60 years old) posing in front of their mansions or luxury cars. Older women also poses wearing their bikinis on their pool. The website enticed millions of clients because it claims to provide relationships based on the customer’s term.


What is this “customer’s term”? Well, not all the time it includes sexual favours. Sugar babies are given the luxury to enjoy life with trips, allowances, apartment and fine dinners. In return, sugar daddies or mommies ask sugar babies to accompany them all the time. In the part of the sugar daddies and mommies, they are just seeking a companion so there is nothing wrong with that.

If we are going to ask sugar babies, they will also think the same way. When they accompany their “daddies” and “mommies”, they treat it as a job. If their way of repaying the companion is through spoiling, then it is helping both sides.

We heard about Ashley Madison where it hosts and encourages adulterous acts saying that “life is short, have an affair”. Not all Singaporeans are happy about the website but still it continues to thrive because there are still clients willing to do such acts. This is the same with sugar babies and daddies/mommies. We’ll see if this trend continues.


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