Making Homemade Sushi

Singaporeans love sushi. Well, actually lots of people love it. Speaking of Sushi, have you heard about the newly opened sushi shop in Clementi? The shop sells sushi for twenty five cents per piece. Long queues were noted.


If you hate the long queue, you can either look for other sushi shops nearby or make sushi in your home. Making sushi is simple and not that expensive. If you learn how to do it, you will save more. So, here’s how you make sushi:

  • Secure ingredients: Of course, the basic thing that you should do is secure your ingredients as well as your tools and utensils. Do not forget the rice, cucumbers, carrots, cooked crab, seaweed, bamboo and many more. All these things are available here in Singapore so do not worry.
  • Cook rice: After securing your ingredients, you have to cook rice.
  • Cut vegetables: The next thing that you should do is cut your vegetables into thin strips. Wash the vegetables first.
  • Cut crab: after the vegetables, cut your crabs into thin strips as well.


  • Add wine vinegar: After the cooking cycle of your rice, you can choose to put 2 tablespoons of rice wine vinegar. This will add more flavour.
  • Put seaweed on the bamboo mat: Before spreading the rice on the seaweed, make sure that it is on top of the bamboo mat.
  • Spread the rice unto the seaweed: You are now ready to spread the rice unto the seaweed. Now put the pre-cut vegetables.
  • Roll the bamboo then cut it: You can now roll the bamboo mat. It should appear like a tube. Finally, you can cut it.

That easy, right? The next time you crave for sushi, you can simply follow the things mentioned above.


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