Medical Breakthrough: Discovering How the Dengue Virus Evades the Immune System

mosquito_0 Dengue cases in 2013 went to 22,362. We all wish that dengue can be eradicated here in Singapore but further studies need to be carried out considering that there are no vaccines developed to battle dengue yet. Speaking of further studies, did you know that there is a research team here that discovered how dengue virus manage to evade the immune system?


The researchers are from Duke NUS (National University of Singapore) Graduate Medical School. Their discovery has the potential to help other scientists design and develop dengue vaccines. You should first know the mechanics of viruses and how they affect our body. When we get sick or infected with a virus, our body naturally activates antibodies to shield us from being infected (with the same virus) again.


This mechanism does not happen when we are infected with a dengue virus. Dengue virus can successfully evade the immune system and shuts down its response. If the dengue advances or progresses, many people will get weak and exposed. Dengue can also be fatal. This is the reason why the government is serious about reducing the population of the carrier mosquito.

The group of researchers have discovered why the virus can bypass or evade the immune system. According to their research, when the virus is introduced in the body, it triggers a specific receptor that can successfully impede WBC (White Blood Cells). WBC is in charge for the raising of immunity. The impediment will permit the virus to reproduce which will result to severe infections and eventually, death.

NEA (National Environment Agency) thought about controlling the mosquitoes (by destroying their habitat) to prevent the spreading of the virus but that is not a long term solution. The findings of the research can create a long term solution and possibly the eradication of dengue.



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