How to Make a Time Map

If you are one of those Singaporeans who always say “where did my day go?” it is time that you consider changing. Change is upsetting sometimes especially if you are so used to the things around you. However, getting used to such things can be counterproductive. This is the reason why you should always challenge status quo and continuously seek for improvement. This is concept is called kaizen.


Kaizen is a Japanese concept for “continuous improvement”. Many corporations embrace this philosophy to improve business systems and processes. Small businesses can also consider it. More importantly, on a more personal note, you can use it to improve your life.

How can you improve your life or encourage kaizen? Well, you can start by making a time map. Maps are vital because it guides you (and sometimes nudges you) to the right direction. It is more like a plan of your goals. Time map is also the same. Though you do not need to draw the continents and identify cities, time map can also be as helpful as that.

Time map will help you align your activities and personal goals. It is a simple chart of the hours you are awake. It should show how much time you dedicate to different areas of your life. The first thing that you should do is to write down your activities. Make sure that the list is ideal and balanced. Here are some important points on making your ideal time map:

  • Decide on how you want to fill the available space of your day. Assuming you have decided to spend half of your time on your work, the other half is divided on your family and the time for yourself.


  • Put it together. Now that you have decided on how you want to fill the available space of your day, it is time that you put it together. You can consider calendar software or make an excel time map according to your specifications. If you want it to be more customized, you can personally make it. The map should have codes (for example A for work, B for family and C for self). Make sure to put the ideal hours and its ratio.


  • Do not schedule every minute. Remember that this is only a guide. This is not your accounting planner or something. You do not have to schedule every minute.

Now that you have determined how you will spend your time based on your priorities, it is time that you make it a reality. This is where the real challenge begins. The key here is to be consistent.


Must-Have Games For Your PlayStation VR

Life is hectic here in Singapore and if you do not decide to relax even for a wee bit, you will surely burn out in no time. When you are given time to relax, grab it and do not think about work for hours. If given a chance, what will you do with that time? You sleep, bond with family, read or play games but most of the time, you prefer playing games. If you are kind of an indoor-games kind of person, you would probably go for Sony’s PlayStation VR.


Sony’s PlayStation VR will surely give you a different immersive experience and that makes it worthwhile to buy. This looks like a head-mounted gear capable to render 3D images or projections of the environment. In other words, it is a virtual reality piece of gear. Sony’s PlayStation VR was just launched last October 2016 and there had been many reviews saying it is pretty good.

Many gamers or players consider it because it is comfortable plus soundly priced. Some say it lacks “killer” applications but it is filled with myriad of interesting ones. In a sea of game choices, which should you purchase? Here are some must-have games for your PlayStation VR:

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite costs $30. In this game, you need to shoot the enemies but since it is in VR setting, it will make the experience more immersive. The best part is it gets better as you go along. You have to be persistent to unlock Area X and before you know it, you will find yourself shooting, flying and bobbing.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood costs $20. If you are into horror, this is your kind of game. This is derived from the hit PS4 game last year. The interactive drama will surely affect you – it is kind of a roller coaster ride from the depths of hell. Expect carnival of terror that features freak clowns and hideous monsters.


Thumper costs $20. VR or not, you can play this game. The designers boast of bringing a marvellous experience to the players because of its easy yet captivating controls not to mention its unsettling violent rhythm.

Batman Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR costs $20. You can finally say that you are Batmas as you wear the cloak and mask – virtually. Though this game is kind of short (and that is disappointing), it never fails to give you a high-quality experience. This is because of Batman’s impressive character rendered.

There are many games/applications but make sure that it is compatible with your PlayStation VR.


5 Reasons to Get Pet Insurance

If you are a pet owner, you probably love your pet like a family and treat them like one as well. If you are like most responsible pet owners in Singapore, you know the value of a health insurance for your furry friend.


Many pet owners though, make the mistake of thinking they will never need coverage for their pets until something goes wrong. But here’s why pet insurance should be viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury.

1.       You’ll never have to choose between your pet and your wallet

This problem often arises when you have older pets. Deciding whether or not to have a surgery is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make as a pet owner. By getting a pet insurance, you can take the financial aspect out of the picture and be able to focus more on the welfare of your pet.

2.       Veterinary costs are getting more expensive

With the new technology becoming more and more accessible for pets, costs of treatments, operations and even general check-ups are constantly increasing. If you secure a pet insurance, you allow yourself to afford any course of treatment best for your pet’s condition.

3.       You can pick a plan that fits your pet’s needs

Pet insurances can be personalized to fit your pet’s needs and your budget. If you get one while your pet is still young, you have more insurance plans to choose from. These insurance plans range from major operations to general check-ups. Check with your veterinarian to see the options available for your pet.


4.       Every breed is unique

Just like humans, every cat and dog is unique. Every breed is distinctive from the other and comes with its own unique health condition that might threaten the life of the animal at some point in its life. Consider the health condition and the possible risks of your pet, and you might find that the health benefits will outweigh the monthly fee of getting a pet’s insurance.

5.       It brings peace of mind

Just like any other insurance, pet insurance provides peace of mind to the owner. Securing an insurance plan for your furry friend allows you to choose the right treatment based on your pet’s condition rather than on how much you can afford. Most pet insurance plans here in Singapore reimburse as much as 80 percent of medical costs.

Getting a pet insurance plan is a worthy decision to consider for those pet owners who do not always have the money every month for unexpected expenses associated with pet illnesses. Pet insurance can help a catastrophic diseases or health condition from becoming a financial burden for you and your family.


Ways to Bring Zen Into Your Home

During these stressful and erratic times, finding tranquillity and comfort in our lives can be difficult. This is the reason why Zen principles have increased in popularity and become a modern trend in interior design. Fancy a minimalist and simplistic design in your home that brings calmness and peacefulness in your space? Want to come home to a place where you know you can relax and feel refreshed? Consider these simple steps to turn your home into a totally Zen place.


1.       Design Symmetrically

Symmetry gives that feeling of orderliness, which for many people invokes calmness. One classic technique to balance a large sofa in a living room is to place two accent chairs on both sides of the coffee table.

2.       Add Floor Pillows

Comfortable floor pillows are timeless Zen accessory, which invites you to unwind and relax. Unfortunately, they tend to look as if they are from a college dorm. The trick here is to get the pillows in a more tailored look. Search through the internet for tailored floor cushions, and you will be directed to plenty of ready-made options.

3.       Go Neutral With the Flooring

When it comes to making homes look calming and relaxing, nothing beats the simplistic beauty of wood floors, though this isn’t the only flooring material that makes spaces look tranquil. They key here is to choose a material that won’t visually collide with the furniture and decor. If you are stuck with a busy looking floor, you can cover it up with a giant rug in neutral colour.


4.       Swap Out Bright Lights

For a truly relaxing space, replace harsh fluorescents with calming and nature-inspired lighting. Place different dim-light fixtures in different places of the house to control the light intensity and the areas of your home to be lighter. Avoid strong, direct light from the ceiling and take advantage of mixing floor lamps, lamp sets and indirect light.

5.       Organize Your Nightstand

Books, glass of water, your phone charger and a couple of receipts add up to the mess on your nightstand. This clutter should not be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning (and the last thing you see when you go to sleep). Instead of a clutter of random stuff, keep a photo of a loved one, a good bedside book and something alive on your nightstand.

Keeping your place looking relaxed is just a matter of eliminating clutter, making more space and choosing the right colours that emanate tranquillity and peacefulness.


5 Proven Ways to Boost Your Happiness

With all the frustrations and problems that we face at work and at home, it can be really difficult to keep everything from weighing us down. It might even cause some of us to feel that our lives are only made of unfortunate events – which is really not the case though. The truth is you can take charge of your own happiness by doing activities that give you much delight. With that in mind, we listed down some tips on how you can boost your happiness in an instant.


1.       Enjoy a Good Sleep

One of the best ways to boost your mood is to take a good sleep, regardless if it’s a two-hour snooze or just a twenty-minute nap. A study conducted by a group of researchers in Singapore revealed that the amount of sleep you get directly affects your mood – which proves that getting a perfect nap will likely increase your happiness. So whenever you’re feeling down, use it as an excuse to take a good shut-eye.

2.       Explore Nature

Whether you’re trekking on a nature trail or hiking through a forest, being around nature will surely help in improving your mood. A change in environment allows your mind to focus on the pleasantness of the moment and temporarily forget the negative things happening in your life. Remember that life is about living the moment, and people who live in the now are more likely to be happier with their lives.

3.       Smile More

When you smile, there’s a biological process that tricks your mind into thinking that you’re happy – thus it lifts your mood reflexively. Still, this is just a brief intervention that can’t permanently make you a happier person. But if doing something as simple as smiling can help you feel a bit better about your life, then we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t do it more often.


4.       Keep a Gratitude Journal

Having a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to remind you of all the things that you have. Even if you think that you don’t have a lot to be thankful for, you’ll definitely be able to find a reason to be grateful and happy with your life through keeping a gratitude journal.

5.       Get a Pet

Pet owners will surely agree that their pets have brought them so much joy and good memories. In fact, one study claimed the social support offered by pets is similar to that of a fellow family member. It even showed that individuals who owned a pet became happier and developed greater self-esteem. Don’t go rushing to purchase one from the nearest pet store in your place though. Remember that keeping a pet entails some responsibilities, so make sure that you’re prepared to take on the duties of being a pet owner.

Being happy is actually easy, even with all the bad things happening in our lives. Taking charge of your own happiness and doing things that gives you much pleasure will definitely help in turning you into a happier person.


How to Make Indoor Exercising More Enjoyable

The physical, emotional and mental health benefits offered by exercising can’t be overstated enough. More so if you’ll be working out in the comforts of your home. But since you’ll be doing one routine over and over again, you might end up falling into an exercising rut – and you’ll be forced to think of strategies that you can use to make working out more fun. To help you with that, we listed some tips on how you can possibly make indoor exercising more enjoyable.


1.       Listen to Your Favourite Music

One of the best ways to make exercising more enjoyable for you is to listen to your favourite tunes. Regardless if you’re power walking, lifting weights or running, playing some music will improve your performance and boost your endurance level, causing you to think that your workout routine is easier than you actually think. Just remember that while it may make your indoor workouts more interesting, you should avoid becoming too dependent on it as it might end up distracting you from exercising.

2.       Change Up Your Workout Routine

The best thing about indoor exercising is you get to try new workouts that you’d otherwise avoid performing in public. Make your workout routine more enjoyable by incorporating new moves to your usual routine. Consider swapping running routines with swimming or your strength training with lifting free weights. Changing up your workouts won’t only make exercising more enjoyable for you, it’ll also challenge and strengthen your body.


3.       Get a Workout Buddy

Pairing up with a relative or a friend will surely boost your motivation to exercise. Having a fitness buddy brings in accountability, camaraderie, collaboration and even some friendly competition that will keep you on your toes and give you something to look forward to as you exercise.

4.       Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic fitness goals is the key to staying motivated throughout your workout period. It also makes the entire process more enjoyable since you’ll be confident that if you stay disciplined, you’ll achieve the goals you’ve set. Plus, it’ll give you a sense of direction as to how your workout routine should be performed.

5.       Reward Yourself

The best way to maintain your motivation when exercising is to reward yourself after a tiring day in the gym. Pick a reward that you’ve always wanted to have like a massage or a post-workout smoothie. Doing this will surely give you something to look forward to, thus making exercising more enjoyable.

Performing indoor exercises doesn’t have to be boring. By following these tips, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy and make the most out of your workout routine even if you’re doing it in the comforts of your home.


The Beauty of White Gloss Bedroom Furniture

White gloss bedroom furniture are becoming popular, which is why lots of people are replacing their previous bedroom furniture to this. In reality, the bedroom furniture aren’t the only ones getting popular, even the other furniture in the house. Those who are distributing cheap ones are also increasing with the popularity of the white gloss household furniture. The bedroom furniture should come from reputable and trusted vendor, same as Mode Designs.

Mayfair White Set

Listed below are some more reasons to change your bedroom furniture similar to what other people did if you are considering on doing so.

Here are the top reasons to change to white gloss bedroom furniture:

1. It will cheer and lighten up any room. No matter how basic the white gloss furniture you get, it will still lighten your room. A gloss furniture looks amazing with the sunrays, especially with its tidy, light colour. It will also provide the room a bright and merry feeling.

2. It would match up with the other colours in your bedroom. White goes beautifully with any colour. That’s why purchasing a white gloss furniture for the bedroom would be ideal. Whether you own a lively room or a monochromatic one, it is guaranteed to give life to the personal space. Additionally, white furniture creates a spectacular effect which is likely to amaze visitors. There are also white gloss furniture with accents of black, this means you don’t need to be concerned if you do not want a home furniture that is purely white.

3. It is one of the most eye-catching interior solutions around. As it is now in demand, there are a number of several types and versions that can suit most bedrooms, as well as the taste of the owners. You do not need to renovate a room just so your white gloss furniture can blend in. You could just pick from a wide selection of products. And since many of these furniture have a very sophisticated appearance, it is likely to add a particular level of elegance and class to your bedroom.


4. There are lots of stores to purchase the home furniture from. Pointed out earlier, white gloss bedroom furniture are getting popular. Nowadays, there are lots of suppliers selling one. But be conscious of who you are likely to rely on. Always research before trusting a provider. Make sure that you check the product reviews of the previous customers to know if they truly supply top quality products.

You can always choose from several furniture to place in your room, nonetheless, you prefer the best one. Your bedroom and all the things in it should help you feel comfortable and at peace, particularly after a long, stressful day. Manufacturers like Mode Designs provide a number of great high gloss furniture that will not only liven up a person’s bedroom, but will even allow you to feel really relaxed.

White gloss bedroom furniture are really the ideal one to get for the house. If you want some more reasons to buy and change to white gloss furniture, simply refer to the 4 reasons previously stated. And surely, you’ll be persuaded to do so.

White Chest of Drawers

STD Screening for Men and Women

Sexually transmitted diseases are becoming more common throughout Singapore, and thousands of people have been infected. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know they have it.

Regular STD screening can significantly help in preventing the spread of these diseases and stopping them from causing incurable harm to your health. It can be intimidating to navigate your way towards STD testing, so here are some pointers to help you out in your next GP clinic visit.


How can I know if I have an STD?

You’re at risk of STD even if you have only ever had sex with one person. Moreover, you can get it from any form of sex—oral, vaginal, or anal.

There are many types of STDs, but some of the most common are gonorrhoea and chlamydia, which often don’t show symptoms but can be extremely harmful. If left untreated, both STDs can cause inflammatory disease in the pelvic and even infertility in women.

The only way to confirm your reproductive health is to get tested. If you’re at risk at STD, see a doctor for STD and HIV testing.

How can I detect an STD?

Detection process usually depends on the infection you want to detect. Reproductive conditions like pubic lice and anogenital warts are usually detected during a physical examination, which do not need extensive tests to confirm diagnosis.

For gonorrhoea, trichomonas, and chlamydia, diagnostic tests involve taking swabs. We recommend M Lam clinic for men health check in Singapore because they are specialists at such tests. A swab is rubbed gently in different places, such as the penis, vagina, throat, or rectum to collect samples of discharge, mucus, or cells. The samples will then be examined under a microscope and sent to the lab for further examination.

Chlamydia can also be detected by checking your urine sample, while hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and HIV are detected through your blood sample.

What do I have to do to get tested?

If you show symptoms that you think are due to STD, or show no symptom at all but are worried if you’re infected, see a health professional to get tested. You can do any of the following options:

• Consult your own general practitioner (GP). Your doctor will perform physical examination, as well as give you advices on how to avoid STDs. If your GP suspects that you have STD, he will likely refer you to a genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic.

• Directly go to a GUM clinic. There’s no need for a referral from a GP to get tested in a GUM clinic.

• Send your sample to a laboratory by post. Some private clinics and companies offer this type of testing service for convenience and confidentiality purposes. Check the Internet to find out what companies cater screenings through samples collected via post.

Until you have the results, and cleared if necessary, avoid any sexual intercourse. This is to prevent from spreading any possible infection.


When should I get tested?

Men and women should be tested for STD regularly. Singapore health experts recommend the following:

• Sexually active women should visit a women’s health clinic to get tested for gonorrhoea and chlamydia at least once a year until they reach 25 years of age. If you have higher risk factors, such as having multiple sexual partners, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia tests should still be continued annually after 25.
• Every three years, women aging 21 to 65 should have Pap tests to check for HPV (an STD that causes cancer).
• All men who have (or had) sex with men should visit a men’s health clinic for syphilis screening, and probably also gonorrhoea and chlamydia screenings, at least once a year.
• Pregnant women should be screened for hepatitis B, HIV, chlamydia, and syphilis.
• Everyone, especially those sexually active people, should consult their healthcare professional about whether they need HIV tests.

What are the symptoms of STD?

You can get many types of STDs by having sex. Since some STDs might not how symptoms right away (or at all), it’s possible that you or your partner may be infected and not know it. If you’re sexually active, has a new partner, or have multiple sexual partners, regular screening is important.

For women, watch out for these symptoms:

• Unusual vaginal discharge (unusual colour, amount, or smell)
• Burning feeling when urinating
• Excessive itching in the labia or vagina
• Pain during intercourse
• Unusual rash or bumps on the genitals

For men, symptoms can include:

• Foul-smelling or discoloured discharge from the penis
• Burning feeling when urinating
• Excessive itching in the scrotum or penis
• Pain during intercourse or masturbation
• Unusual rash or bumps on the genitals
• Bleeding from the penis

What is the procedure of an STD test?

Screening for Men

• Preparation
Do not urinate for two hours prior the STD screening. When you’re in the testing area, your doctor may ask you to completely or partially undress.

• During the test
Expect your doctor to work closely with you during your visit to a men’s health clinic. Your doctor will visually check your genitals for abnormal discharge, sores, or pain by touching your testicles and penis. He may also take a swab from the urethra (opening of the penis), as well as from any sore or lesion. A blood and urine sample may also be asked from you for laboratory examination.

Screening for Women

• Preparation
You will also be asked to completely or partially undress.

• During the Test
During an STD test, the doctor will visually check your genitals. Your women’s health clinic professional may insert a speculum inside your vagina to get a clear view of your cervix and vaginal walls. If you’re getting a Pap test, mucous samples from the cervix will be taken using a small brush and spatula. If not, a swab from the vagina and cervix is enough. Also, like men’s screening, urine and blood samples are necessary for more in-depth examination.

Only a professional healthcare provider can tell whether you’re infected with an STD or not. So, if you’re sexually active and have never been tested, set an appointment now with your specialist to find out your reproductive health status.