Pre-Date Grooming Checklist for Every Guy

Congratulations! You’ve got a date! Whether it was is you who asked her out or you were setup by friends, you need to have a game plan to make things work between you and your date. If you’re like most men, you’ll probably spend just a couple of minutes fixing yourself up. If that’s the case, know that putting a little more effort to improve your looks can go a long way to improve how your night will go.


Below is our pre-date grooming checklist to help every man out there in getting ready for a date night.

1. The Hair: Wash your hair thoroughly the morning of your date to eradicate dirt and excess oil and prevent your hair from looking greasy. Apply just enough hair styling product to hold your hairstyle without making your hair look unnatural. Don’t go overboard to avoid a greasy or tacky hair look.

2. The Face: For the face, you need a little more than washing with soap. For your date, use a facial wash, exfoliate, and then moisturize. If you want to make your skin look brighter, apply face mask the night before your date. A clay mask is more appropriate to draw out skin impurities, while a hydrating mask is just enough to make your skin feel clean and fresh.

3. Facial Hair: For the facial hair, it is best to go clean shaven. To avoid razor burns, nick, and cuts, properly exfoliate the skin and wash with lukewarm water to open soften hair follicles and open up facial pores. If you want to rock the stubble, heavy stubble, or even the bearded look, make sure to trim and comb your facial hair to keep it looking neat.

4. Ears and Nose: Make sure that you don’t have any unsightly matters in your ears and nose. Trim any visible nose hairs and clean your ears before heading out of the house. The last thing you would want is your date seeing disgusting ear wax or protruding hairs from your nose.


5. Teeth and Mouth: Brushing your teeth before heading out for a date is a no-brainer, but taking the extra effort to gargle mouthwash is equally important for a much fresher breath. For added assurance, carry a pack of mint candies or gum with you to instantly freshen up after dinner.

6. Deodorant and Cologne: While showering before the date, get rid of sweat and body odour by using a shower gel. After showering, do not forget to apply deodorant and cologne. When it comes to spraying on your signature scent, remember that less is more. A quick spray on both wrists and on the neck will suffice for a subtle yet lingering smell.

These are all pretty common grooming tips, but in the midst of pressure and nervousness taking its toll it’s easy to forget one or two (or more!) of these important pre-date grooming steps. With this guide, you can assure that you have covered your bases and look your best on such a special night.

Young man spraying deodorant under his arm


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