The Best Trekking Trails in Asia

When you think of exploring the outdoors and having some adventures, you think of Africa, Europe or America. You never think of Asia. You have to know that Asia has many diverse terrains that can lead you to stunning views. You have to go outside Singapore and experience trekking like never been before.


If you are an experienced trekker, there are many difficult terrains that you can consider but if you are just a newbie, you can start with simple hiking trails and work your way from there. Remember that you do not need to be an expert when trekking or hiking. As long as you bring with you your attitude, nothing could go wrong. Here are some trails worth trekking for newbies:

1. Gunung Batur

If you are around Bali, why not consider hiking to the beautiful mountains surrounding Bali? You have to consider Gunung Batur. Gunung Batur has a crater and about 1,717 metres high. This is the destination of beginners since it only takes three hours to reach the peak.

2. Doi Luang Chiang Dao

Doi Luang Chiang Dao is in Chiang Mai. The place is best for its limestone ridge. It is in fact Thailand’s third highest summit which rises about 2,125 metres. The best months to trek is from October to May.

3. Caoling Historic Trail

If you happen to visit Taiwan, you should not miss the Caoling Historic Trail. The trail is one of the best since it has well-defined paths overlooking the coastline. If you want to trek some more, head to Snow Mountain which is Taiwan’s second highest peak which is famous for its scenic routes.


4. Mt.Pinatubo

Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991 which is considered as one of the largest eruption in the 20th century. The place is getting rehabilitated and in fact it is now turned into a tourist spot. You will be treated to a unique hiking trail where there is a summit overlooking the lake.

5. Shirakami Sanchi

Japan also offers an adventure for beginners. Shirakami Sanchi is famous for its hot springs but it also boasts of stunning mountains and trails. Shirakami Sanchi has immense mountain range leading to different peaks, ponds, lakes and waterfalls.

Before you actually get into the trail, it is imperative that you prepare your body for it. Exercise before so your body will endure the long walks. Train body months before the actual hike not days before because you will just put stress to the body. More importantly, do not go alone – always be with a buddy and in groups. It is safer that way.


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