The Forms and Impacts of Bullying


Bullying is widespread even here in Singapore. There are obvious and subtle manifestations. Adults and young Singaporeans experience such but the prevalent cases are seen in the classroom and workplace. Bullying occurs when someone scares, threatens or hurts another individual on purpose. Everyone should step up to stop bullying. Bullying is clearly wrong and it should be stopped at all costs.

You should know that there are different types of bullying. It is important that you know the different types so you can distinguish the form to avoid or prevent it. Here are some types of bullying:


  1. Verbal – Words are like sword that can pierce through the heart. It does not stop there because it will linger for a long time. Verbal bullying is in the form of name calling, teasing, making negative remarks based on one’s religion, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation and many others.
  2. Social – Social bullying is also prevalent. It includes humiliating someone publicly, excluding others from the group, blaming someone, incriminating someone and many more. It is so painful that the person will think they are not worth the company.
  3. Physical – Of all the forms, physical bullying will bear the mark. Physical bullying includes poking, coercing, stealing, hitting and other things. This is very painful that the wounds will not heal immediately. If you experience such, you can seek the help of authorities.
  4. Cyber – Cyber bullying is very common these days. The internet paved way to this new form of bullying. In this form, the person may experience intimidation or threats via text messaging and internet. In cyber bullying, someone will make fun of another person by spreading rumours and other things that can taint the person’s personality.

Bullying is not a shallow issue. In fact, it is a serious problem that should be addressed by parents, teachers and the whole community right away. Bullying makes people very unhappy, lonely and frightened. If you are a victim, you always feel uneasy and unsafe not to mention you will surely lose your self-confidence.

Everyone should know that bullying has a long term psychological and physical effects. The direst thing is withdrawal from the family and the social circle. The person will also encounter nightmares, exhaustion, shyness and panic attacks.

If bullying is not stopped, it will progress into aggression and the violence throughout adulthood. It will eventually lead to criminal behaviour and harassment. So, while it is early, it is important that you help stop bullying. You should tell your teens about the impacts of bullying to other people.


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