Things that Can Harm Our Kids

We simply want to protect our kids from anything that can harm them. As much as possible we only want them to stay inside the house where we can control things and look after them. However, even if they are inside the house, dangers are still lurking. Things might happen and we pray to God that it will not be that dire.


When we have toddlers present, we install corner cushions to protect them. Toddlers do not think what the implications are, they only want to indulge their curious minds. Harm always comes to them. We keep scissors and sharp objects beyond their reach but there will always be hidden dangers. As parents, we have to know reveal these hidden dangers so they do not harm our kids.

Here are some hazards that we should look out especially when we have kids around:

  • Heavy furniture: Heavy furniture (like closets and cabinets)and appliances (like televisions and refrigerators) can tip over which can lead to serious injuries and to some extent – death. How do we prevent this? Well, we have to look for sturdy furniture. The good news is that there are anti-tipping kits available here in Singapore which aims to fasten the furniture and appliances to the wall. We should also avoid putting their toys in high shelves because they will attempt to get it.


  • Window cords: Blinds are beneficial because it filters the rays but its dangling long cords can be dangerous to children. In America, one child dies every month due to strangling caused by window cords. We can just consider cordless blinds but if we cannot secure one, we have to make sure that we knot the cords and keep it from their reach.
  • Cleaners: Detergent bottles are large and they occupy plenty of room. Sometimes, we are tempted to transfer them to smaller bottles (which were former food containers). If our kids learn how to read and we put it within their reach, they will surely consume it. The best thing to do is keep these products in their original packaging and mark it with “poison”. If we can put it in a place where it is locked, the better.
  • Water: Kids love to play with water. If we have basins, buckets and tubs, we should never let them alone there because for as shallow as 2.5cm, there is a possibility that they will get drown. The best thing to do is empty containers when storing them so we eliminate the dangers as well as dengue.


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