Tips on How to be Persuasive

You are a sales man. What if you could win people every time you speak to them? That is called the power of persuasion. Every sales person should have that power so they can move and influence people. If you want to have that power, you should read further.


The truth is we are emotional beings. We rely on emotions rather than logic. We make decisions based on our emotions before justifying it logically. This is where persuasion comes. You engage people emotionally first before you secure what you want to happen.

The good news is that you can be persuasive and influential with the following steps:


  • Create link: The first thing that you should do is create a link to your audience or the people you are talking. You can for instance compliment them for being early or you can talk about a common person.
  • Focus on the problem: People listen to you because you are talking about solutions for their problem but before tackling the problem, you should first focus on their problem. You should establish problems that your solutions can solve.
  • Benefit of the problem: After establishing the problem, the next thing that you should do is discuss the benefit of the problem. You should make sure that your explanation is neutral so your audience will believe you. You have to create positive feeling.
  • Reveal solution: Finally, you reveal the solution. The solution should be brilliant so at the end of your talk, they will want to purchase or buy whatever you are offering. The last part is call to action.

You can use the simple steps mentioned above. If you can persuade and influence a lot of Singaporeans, your job will be easier to handle. You need to be persuasive to affect change. Singaporeans are hard to persuade but once you understand them, everything will follow.



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