Top Hangout Places for you and your Girl Friends

Coffee shops (a place to catch up with friends)

When you are in a Coffee shop, you will have this cosy and relaxing feeling that’s why it really makes you and your girlfriend stay and feel the moment. It also gives you a feeling of being classy and chic. Let’s face it, when you’re thinking about coffee shops, you are thinking of the French people having intelligent conversation while drinking their coffee. Usually coffee shops are in the mall, which makes it more convenient, you just go there, order and chat.


Girlfriend’s bedroom (a place where secrets were revealed)

Nothing beats the fun that most girls are having when they can throw pillows with each other, wear sexy lingerie’s and be crazy as they can be. This is the snuggest place where they can talk about anything. This is usually the place where they share most of their secrets. Perhaps it is because they are that comfortable with each other and they seem to feel secured in the place.


Rooftop (a place for sentiments)

This is the place where in girls share their dreams and most of the serious side of their life. This is maybe because of the dreamy view of the stars at night that really adds on the sentimental feeling.

Beach side (a place to party)

Some girls can’t get over with the beach party. Beers, wine, loud music and the bonfire, perfect for a simple party with your girlfriends. This is usually where girls bring their boyfriends to just enjoy their night all together.


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