Topics You Should Never Consider on Your First Date

First date matters. It is true that first impression lasts so when embarking on our first date, the best thing to do is keep things lively and fun. However, there will come a time that we will become too comfortable with our date that we blurt out something inappropriate.


It is crucial that we are aware of the topics that we should never consider or risk the second date. Here are some topics we should never insert in the conversations:

  • Politics: Do not forget the essence of dates – it should be fun and lively. Talking about political issues here in Singapore like racism or sexism will never do well in the conversation. Leave the commentaries to other figures. If you cannot keep away from the topic, at least wait for the fifth or sixth date.
  • Social media: There is nothing wrong if the food is too appealing to take pictures but it is fixation once you delay the conversation because you just need to post something on your social media accounts. These foodie addicts are intolerable and sometimes frustrating to communicate.


  • Artistic preferences: You are unique because you have different preferences and tastes. When you are discussing your preferences to your date, you should not question why they do not like whatever you are listening or watching. He/she is entitled of his/her preferences so let it be. Just respect the differences and never question their taste.
  • Addiction: Unless your date is open to discussing his/her addiction, you should not bring this topic to your conversation. If you know that your date is undergoing treatment, wait for the treatments to be completed and do not criticize him/her because they are vulnerable.


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