Why a Balanced pH is Crucial to the Health

Many people do not prioritize the body’s state of acidity/alkalinity level, but a balanced pH plays a crucial role in keeping our system healthy. Most Singapore doctors stress the importance of balanced pH level in the blood as it protects us from development of ailments. Diseases and disorders cannot develop in the system if the body has balanced pH level.


What is the Right pH?

The pH we are talking about means potential of hydrogen, which is the measure of the alkalinity or acidity of body tissues and fluids. It is measured on a scale of zero to 14; with zero as the most acidic and 14 the highest alkaline level.

A pH level of seven is perfectly neutral, and a slightly higher level is the healthiest pH for a human body. Optimally, we want to achieve a pH of 7.365. Though this fluctuates throughout the day, the normal range is between six and 7.5.

What Affects the Body’s pH Level?

Normally, it is our kidneys that maintain our electrolyte levels. When exposed to acidic elements, the electrolytes combat the acidity to neutralize it. High amounts of acid will force the body to rob minerals from cells, bones, tissues, and organs. The best source for alkaline water in Singapore is an alkaline water filter that you can use anytime at home. Those that were robbed with minerals will now lack in resources to properly dispose waste or oxygenate the system. Absorption of vitamins is compromised by mineral loss, pathogens and toxins start building up, and the health of the immune system is set aside.

What Causes High Acidity to the Body?

High acid levels, or acidosis, are caused primarily by stress and poor diet, but more specifically by the following:

• Use of drugs and alcohol
• Excessive use of antibiotic
• Chronic stress
• Lack of exercise
• Over-exercise
• Pollution
• Herbicides and pesticides
• Artificial food colouring and preservatives
• Excessive hormones from, beauty products and food
• Excessive meat in the diet
• Exposure to radiation and chemicals from mobile devices, computers microwaves, and household cleansers.


If intake of the mentioned items above is not moderated, high acidity in the bloodstream over a long span of time can lead to cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

How Proper pH Can be Achieved?

Although there are so many sources of toxicity and acidity in the environment, it is the unhealthy diet that contributes the most to unbalanced pH. Processed food has tons of sodium chloride that can cause the blood vessels to constrict and generate more acid internally. Grains, whole or not, also create high amounts of acid. Likewise, too much animal meat is responsible for the build up of sulphuric acid in the bloodstream.

As we can see, almost everything we eat on a daily basis produces certain amount of acid. So, the real challenge here is taking enough alkaline-producing food rather than too much acid intake.

One of the best ways to achieve proper alkalinity level of the body is to drink alkaline ionized water, which has a pH level anywhere between seven and 10. The most natural source of alkaline water is a flowing spring that naturally becomes alkaline by getting its minerals as it passes through the rocks.

You may also use ionizing water filter to ionize tap water as flowing spring isn’t accessible if you live in the middle of Singapore. This is the most preferred way by many health conscious individuals since there are ionizers available in machine form and portable form, such as tumblers and pitchers.

How Alkaline Ionized Water Helps?

While many questions the ability of Alkaline water in terms of promoting better health, alkaline ionized water is a better way to hydrate the body because of its smaller molecular size, aiding better absorption. It reduces free radicals that cause cell damage and signs of aging. Other reported benefits include improved mental clarity, potential weight loss, more energy, and increased bone strength.

Having too much acid in the body can weaken all the systems. However, with the help of alkaline water, the systems don’t have to borrow minerals from other parts of the body. If you think you consume high amounts of acid from your day-to-day food intake, make sure to drink ample amount of alkaline ionized water to compensate with the acid level you acquired.


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