5 Delicious Ways to Serve Pineapple

While the dispute about whether pineapples make a suitable pizza topping continues, the fruit remains to be a favorite among many people. As a matter of fact, the tangy-flavored pineapple has been incorporated in different meals. What started out as an experiment in the kitchen turned into something great; as the inclusion of pineapple as an ingredient has garnered a large following over the years. It is notably an adventure of its own.

Whether summer’s fast approaching or long over, there are different ways to prepare and serve pineapple no matter the season!

Grilled pineapple
Simply grilling pieces of the fruit already makes a great snack for the family. This is perfect to serve if you’re planning an outdoor picnic. If you’re feeling fancy, you can also serve it as a dessert along with a serving of sorbet or even as an entrée with a serving of scrumptious steak. The versatile taste of pineapple is perfect in satiating every taste and palate.

Upside-down cake
Pineapples on a cake? Why not. This sweet dish is considered a classic. Well loved by many, it is made best with fresh pineapple slices but if you’re on-the-go, canned pineapples will do the trick. You can search for classic upside-down cake recipes on the internet as a guide – but don’t forget to include pineapple slices, though!

Pineapple casserole
Another dessert idea, a pineapple casserole is a sweet, offbeat dish that will warm you up on cold nights! This is perfect if you want to taste some tropical zing even if it’s the middle of the chilly season. There is also no need to worry over ingredients. You may even find them in your pantry; such as cheese, butter, sugar, pineapple slices, and cracker crumbs.

Polynesian chicken
If rotisserie chicken is growing bland on your taste buds, time to kick it up a notch! Serve your nest chicken meal with a zesty pineapple dressing on the side. Tossing in some fresh slices of the tropical fruit is enough to make your dish sing. To complement the dish, serve rice and a tropical cocktail of your own choosing.

Pineapple jam
This is a delicious jam to pair with your loaf. Fruit jams make a nutritious spread on your traditional sandwiches. Make your mornings great by serving pineapple jam – which perfectly preserves the tropical pineapple flavor for the long weeks ahead. This is easy to prepare especially if you’re on the morning rush.

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