5 Must-Have Colourless Products in Your Makeup Stash

Every time we think about makeup, the few things that come into our mind are eye shadows that make our eyes pop, glowing and flushed cheeks, and bright red lippies. Yet, the trick to applying these bright coloured beauty products actually rely on colourless products. From gels to primers and powders, colourless makeup products have been a necessity to get that perfectly polished look. To help you achieve such look, here is a list of the five colourless products that are worth keeping in your makeup stash.

Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder Review Swatch Swatches (3)

1.       Colourless Powder: Similar with a regular powder, a colourless translucent powder works by setting your makeup to keep in one place. Other than that, it also helps in ensuring that the colour of your foundation won’t change after application and would last all day long. The best pick for colourless powder is the RCMA No Colour Loose Powder.

2.       Eye Shadow Primer: This beauty product has been proven to work wonders in prolonging your eye makeup. Applying a small amount of a colourless eye shadow primer will make your eye shadow application easier, and make your shadows look more vibrant and longer lasting. Try out Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow Primer Potion for a better eye shadow primer experience.

MESP-01 Eyeshadow Primer

3.       Clear Eyebrow Gel: The clear brow gel has always been a lifesaver during the moments when your brows just won’t cooperate. Brow gels often come in various styles – fibered, cleared, and tinted – but opting for a clear gel, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Clear Brow Gel, will give you a more defined and fuller set of brows.

4.       Colourless Lip Liner: You might think that there’s no such thing as a colourless lip liner, but it does exist. A colourless lip liner is actually perfect for priming your lips and defining its edges to prevent your lipstick colour from bleeding. Not only will this make your lipstick longer lasting, it will also free you from the trouble of tracing your lips using a coloured liner. Try out Milani’s Anti-Feathering Lip Liner for an affordable and great lip liner option.

5.       Makeup Finishers: This product is one of the few hidden gems in the makeup market. Makeup finishers are usually lightweight, clear and pressed silicon gels like Mally Beauty’s Evercolour Poreless Face Defender. Finishers are ideal for matting your face, and prolonging your foundation throughout the day.

Putting on various coloured makeup products when you’re in rush can be a hassle. So opt for these colourless alternatives to make your makeup application stress-free, especially when you’re running late for work.


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