5 Steps to De-Germ Your Hotel Room

Travelling, and everything stressful associated with it, makes us susceptible to illnesses. From sitting in close proximity to sick people to exposure to airplane’s filthy areas, travelers are exposed to different bugs and disease-causing bacteria. Of course, the transmission doesn’t only happen in plane or in the airport. The risk of infection can follow you to the hotel.

Since you wouldn’t want to cover your face in mask the whole trip, here are a few ways to sanitize your hotel room and everything you will most likely get in contact with.

1. Avoid using the complimentary hotel items
The coffee maker, ice bucket, TV remote, telephone and doorknobs are expected to be the dirtiest objects in a hotel room since they are touched more frequently by hotel tenants. It is safe to assume that the housekeeping do not wipe off the ice bucket, coffee maker, telephone and everything else very often. Even when they do, you can’t be sure whether they are using a clean, brand new towel every time.

2. Wash your hands—more often!
This should go without saying, but always make sure that you wash your hands more frequently with soap and warm water. Wet wipes are also great alternatives for wiping down door knobs, cleaning your hands and all those objects that are germ-infested.

3. Wash the glassware
Inspectors have proved that not all hotels wash the glasses after every guest’s stay in their hotel room. If the glassware and silverware aren’t touched in their placements, the staff simply wipes the dust off. So, make sure not to use them until you have had the chance to wash every utensil in hot, soapy water. In addition to that, you always have the option to bring your own cup and even utensils if needed.

4. Toss the bedspread
It is a common knowledge that bed covers are not washed frequently. But have you tried checking closely the mattresses and sheets for bedbugs and stains? Of course, you don’t want to clean those, but you have the option to bring your own lightweight bedsheets and replace the bedspread of the hotel to the side. However, if you find bedbugs, you’re better off moving to another room.

5. Always Wear Your Shoes
Do not even attempt to walk around your hotel room with your bare feet. Since you know that you would be taking off your shoes during your stay in the hotel, bring a pair of flip flops or slippers and even shower shoes or slippers to use inside the bathroom.

Now that you are confident in your hotel room’s cleanliness, take your luggage and place it on a luggage rack, so it won’t touch anything that you have just cleaned and disinfected.

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