5 Tips to Have the Healthiest Summer Ever

It may feel like a whole-year battle to be healthy, but summer is actually the easiest time of the year to get healthy. The sunny weather encourages more outdoor activities, juicy fruits are in season and bikinis are the best reason to stay fit and healthy.
To help you look and feel your best, here are some great tips for making this summer your healthiest summer ever.


1. Take Care of Your Skin

Since it’s summertime and the weather is usually at its hottest, make sure to use sunscreen every day. For sensitive skin, mineral-based SPF would be an ideal sunscreen option. As much as possible, do not sit outside during peak hours of the day, which is from 10 in the morning to four in the afternoon. If you’re going to be out in the sun for extensive hours, reapply your sunscreen at least every three hours.

2. Drink More Water

During the summer season, sweat and heat can leave you dehydrated. It is not good for the body and can also fool your mind into thinking that you’re hungry, making you crave for unhealthy foods. It is extremely important to drink at least two litres of water a day, especially during summer. Find water boring? Add a couple of slices of fresh fruits, such as apples, melon and lemon, to add subtle flavour to your water.


3. Be a Regular In the Farmer’s Market

Stocking up on fresh fruits and veggies will make it easier for you to eat healthy. As much as possible, include salads on your meals. Other than being healthy, salads are refreshing meal staples. Also, you can use fruits as substitute for sugary desserts. Instead of reaching for a bar of chocolate, dig into a bowl of frozen yogurt-coated berries to satiate your craving for sweets.

4. Beware of ‘Healthy’ Beverages

Fruit juices are great ways to stay refreshed all throughout the day. But be aware of bottled fruit juices in the supermarket as they are often loaded with sugar. Instead, opt for home-made fruit smoothies. Cut up some fruits of your choice and then throw it in the blender with some ice and low-fat yogurt.

5. Take a Hiatus From Television

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go out more. Cut down the TV time by playing outside with the kids, strolling at the park, walking, biking or doing yard work. You’ll have more fun outside than being a couch potato at home.


Summer is the best time to get physical. Keep in mind these tips for a better and healthier summer.

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