7 Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your Kitchen Without Renovation

Whether you’re planning to invest in a total kitchen renovation or just hope to make some quick and simple changes, make sure every penny counts when choosing a project that will create an impact to your home kitchen. Stay focused on your goals and get ready to get your hands splattered with paint to achieve beautiful results for a fraction of a price (and time).

1. Replace the hardware
You’ll be surprised how this quick and simple change can make your old kitchen space look like new again. Warm up the look of your kitchen with brass materials in sleek shapes. This can instantly make your kitchen look trendy without costing you a fortune.

2. Add a few open shelves
If you have a big blank wall to fill, consider installing a few open shelves on it. The space is great for showing off fabulous collection of glassware, silverware or even cookbooks—plus they give the room additional storage space. Use sculptural brackets for a touch of sophistication.

3. Repaint the cabinets
Although painting entails a bit of effort, it is incredible cheap! It is just a cost of a can or two of paint and a bit of elbow grease if you are doing in yourself. Whether you go for a dramatic color or a combination of pastel hues, a few coats of paint can totally transform the look of the space.

4. Install under-cabinet lights
Give your kitchen space some drama while also showing off some of your pretty pieces. You can find a lot of under lighting options, including stick-on battery-operated LED lights. These lights have softer glow than overhead lighting, and looks especially stunning at night.

5. Rearrange your cabinet space
If the reason you are wishing to renovate your kitchen is to have more storage, reconsider your existing cabinets. Double up your storage space by getting graduated shelving dividers, inserts or a lazy Susan. But assess first your current storage and see what you really need, or else you’ll end up buying too much and then occupying more space for unused materials.

6. Splurge on a new appliance
This may not be cheap, but it certainly is a quick way to spruce up a kitchen. Financially, also, it is a little less costly to make major purchases like buying appliances one at a time. Replace the one with the most issues or the one you use the most. Even just this will make your kitchen look and feel new.

7. Paint an accent wall
Not so sure whether you should repaint all the walls or just don’ have the time to repaint the cabinets? Quickly paint one wall instead. Go bold for an accent wall. If the entire wall kitchen is in cream, go for a muted red or gray for that single wall for a pop of color.

Sprucing up kitchen (or home) doesn’t mean an entire renovation. Get creative and let these tips inspire your imagination.

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