Barbecue Catering Must-Do’s

Bbq wholesale is one business venture that will never run out of style in Singapore, for the reason that people there love eating all kinds of bbq food. Be it the famous satay or the all-time favourite chicken wings, bbq catering is a sure boom.

Here are 7 basic skills and rules on how you can be good at barbecuing, just in case you want to get rich thru bbq catering.
#1: Take note of the meat’s internal temperature.
Different kinds of meat cook at different rates. Fish may cook faster than chicken, or pork may cook faster than beef. For that reason, you need to constantly monitor the cooking process as this is extremely important if you want deliciously done Singapore bbq food. You can make use of a meat thermometer to aid you in monitoring.
#2: Take note of the barbecue pit’s temperature.
A lot of factors may affect the overall temperature of your bbq Singapore barbecue pit. These include the type of charcoal you are using and the wind or weather. Are you still grilling at 200°F, or are you already grilling at 350°F? Bbq wholesale Singapore companies are able to make perfectly cooked meat because they know that a temperature that is too high can overcook meat, making it tough and losing its juice. Advanced pits now have built-in thermometers to know the proper temperatures.
#3: If possible, avoid using lighter fluid to light up the charcoal.
The fuel contains petroleum distillates, which will cause an undesirable taste to the bbq food. Should you really use the liquid, make sure to allow the charcoal to burn for at least 30 minutes. This is to try to get rid of the fumes.

#4: A meat is overcooked when it falls off its bone.
Professional Singapore bbq catering services would tell you that a meat which is falling off its bone is not tender. Overcooking the meat will make the bone dry, making the meat fall off. Therefore, you should not assess the tenderness of a meat in this method.
#5: Proper sanitation is extremely necessary.

No diner would like to eat bbq food that is cooked in a grossly manner. Singapore Bbq wholesale businesses always handle and prepare fresh meat. They always see to it to observe proper sanitation in both preparation and cooking areas. Detrimental microorganisms are largely present in these areas. If proper sanitation is not observed, bacteria and germs can proliferate, thus contaminating the food.

If you are planning to invest your savings into something that will give you even more money, might as well put up your own bbq catering business! But with all these kinds of businesses that set out in Singapore, you certainly want something new and unique, or at least, something that has a unique selling point in order for it to become highly noticeable.

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