Kids Could Have Fun Even Without Their Gadgets

With the increasing usage of technology for our recreation and entertainment nowadays, it could sure be a little challenging to engage kids to do other fun activities beyond the scope of their gadgets and the social media. So to give you ideas of what they could spend their time and energy on instead, here is a list of kid-friendly activities worthy of their time and sure to make them have fun.


Fun Outdoors

Children weren’t meant to be contained in the confines of the home, they were meant to explore. And what better place to explore than outdoors! Here in Singapore, there are several outdoor spots to choose from but one location that kids will surely enjoy is the West Coast Park. It houses one of the largest playgrounds in Singapore, the Adventure Playground. This aptly named playground offers different play structures so kids could enjoy several options and try out different adventures, from the classic swings to the rope pyramid. But West Coast Park has more to offer. Kids could also bring their bikes and go cycling all over the park. They could also fly kites and build sand castles in the sand pits.


 Baked with Love

Baking isn’t just for homemakers anymore. Recently, more and more people have grown fond of it. And what’s not to love? You get to unleash the master patissier in you and you get to eat your creations as well. So don’t let the little ones fall behind this growing trend and enroll them to a baking class. Aside from the fun that they’ll be having, they’ll also learn and practice many things in these classes such as basic Math for measuring the ingredients, Science for how the ingredients interact with one another, and of course the patience to keep practicing until they’ve finally got it right. Let your kids or nephews or nieces try a baking class such as the one offered by Cooking Class Singapore.


Nurture their Creativity

A fun way for kids to learn and develop new skills is through art and Abrakadoodle has indeed mastered teaching this craft to kids of all ages. At Abrakadoodle, kids will learn about techniques from master artists, become inspired, and develop their creative skills. Not only that but they will also build their confidence along the process. So, send your kids on the path to creativity and enroll them in an art class. Abrakadoodle offers different classes designed for kids of varying ages.