Are Braces for Treatment or Prevention?

Teeth are a very vital part of the body. Teeth are responsible for chewing and/or crushing hard foods so that we can digest it properly. Basically, without teeth, we cannot eat our favourite food like fried chicken, hotdog, pizza and many more. Therefore, we need to take good care of our teeth.


Having a healthy tooth makes every person attractive. However, there are unfortunate individuals who are not blessed with their teeth. Some of them have disorders in the dentition and/or around the mouth.  Therefore, seeking help for orthodontist is very essential. The most common disorder that is related with teeth is the malocclusion (a serious condition wherein there are numerous growing teeth which makes the mouth crowded). It is usually treated by tooth extraction. However, it can also be aligned by braces. For some reasons, people wear braces. For some, wearing of braces is one way to make the teeth look attractive. But sometimes many people say that braces is only for fashion.

Who Can Wear Braces?

Actually, all of us can wear braces because there’s no law that exist about who’s going to wear braces. On the other hand, for an orthodontist, only patient with unhealthy or malfunctioned teeth can wear braces. However, wearing of braces to children below 7 years old is not recommended because the teeth of these youngsters are too soft or perhaps not their permanent teeth.


Are Braces Prevention or Treatment?

As said, dental braces can be used to change the posture of teeth and improve a person’s appearance. In addition, this orthodontic equipment can prevent abnormalities that may occur in the teeth and gums. Besides, it can prevent jaw problems which are common to people with class II and III type of malocclusions.