Improving of Changi Airport

Good news for frequent flyers out there, the Changi Airport is thinking about increasing taxi bays for Terminal 1. The increase of taxi bays is a way to ensure that all commuters or passengers are served immediately. According to the study conducted by Civil Aviation Authority, most of the passengers (about 90%) are in a taxi queue waiting for ten minutes before boarding a taxi. Aside from that, there is an upcoming complex called the “Project Jewel”.


Apart from the improvements, Changi Airport is proud of its facilities and services. If you are waiting for your next flight, there is no need to be bored because the airport will give you everything that you need. The Changi Airport has:

  • Baby Care Room – If you are travelling with your children or babies, Changi Airport has this room where you can take care of the needs of your baby.
  • Baggage Services – If you want to go around Singapore, you can consider baggage services. The service is secure and safe so do not worry.
  • Pharmacies – If you feel sick or unwell, there are pharmacies around the airport or better yet you can go directly to the clinics installed around the airport.
  • Convenience Store – If you are in need of various products, you do not need to look further because here at Changi Airport, you can buy anything that you need.changi-2
  • Prayer Room – The airport has this prayer room. If you want to pray for your safety during your travel or you simply want a silent and peaceful place, you can head to the prayer room.
  • Smoking Areas – Smoking is forbidden in public areas and enclosed, air-conditioned spaces but if you wish to smoke at the airport, you should head out to the designated smoking area.
  • Theatre – The airport has free theatres. You can catch a movie while waiting for your next flight. The theatres here are 24 hours open so you can come by any time you want.

Surviving in the Wild

There have been many cases of lost adventurers who come home dead or injured. We cannot just stop from exploring because we fear of suffering the same fate. If you are an adventurer, it is vital that you know some survival tips so you can go in the wild and not be afraid. The first thing that you should never let go is the will to survive. If you give up, you will surely die.  Here are some tips so you manage in the wild while waiting for help:


Tell someone where you are going. It is the golden rule to always tell someone where you are going and how long will you be gone. If you are not back on time, they will surely alert the police and rescue teams. You have more chances of being found out alive.

STOP. STOP stands for Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. When you realized that you are lost, stop for a while, rest and relax. After that, you need to think or assess the time when you get all wrong. If you observe the environment and try to back track a little, maybe you will find the path. Finally, when you realized that you are really lost, you should plan what to do next.

Do not panic. It is important that you do not panic. Yes, getting lost in the wild and seeing the darkness is quite unsettling but it is advisable that you do not panic as it can cloud your judgment. It is natural to be shocked and then panic but do not hold it for long because it will not do you good.

Check your gears. Before you head out to the wild, make sure you have the right survival tools like knife, metal match, cords, whistle, blanket, mirror, tablets, compass and communication device. These tools can be the difference between life and death. Even if you are only in the wild for a day, it is better to bring all these things. It is better safe than sorry.

Surviving the wilderness is not easy but never lose hope. It is important that before going out, you studied and read survival tips.

How Singapore Deals With Air Pollution

Air pollution poses a threat not only in here Singapore but the whole world. How does Singapore deal with air pollution? The city has NEA (National Environment Agency) that effectively monitors air pollution. Air pollution here is controlled under the EPCA (Environmental Pollution Control Act) of 1999 and other supplementary guidelines.

Here in Singapore, the primary sources of air pollution are from industries (like oil refineries and power stations), transportation and others (like open blazing of waste). The major air pollutants are lead, sulphur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide and other particulates. Singapore is doing its best to minimize the emissions.


The main job of NEA is to ensure that the industries do not cause a risk in the health and safety of the public. They can do this by evaluating, controlling and monitoring the pollution impact, hazards and emissions of industries. NEA performs regular assessments of industries to warrant that equipments for air pollution are operated and preserved correctly.

NEA also releases a code (Code of Practice on Pollution Control) that carries information on controlling air pollution, emission standards and obligations. For detailed description of this code, you can get a copy from the internet.

The public is also invited to join this cause. The households also emit air pollutants so no one is really exempted. If you want to know more about what you can do to help minimize air pollution, you can go the NEA office located in 40 Scotts Road. You should do your part and minimize air pollution. Spread awareness so other people will know.

His Business Success Can Be Your Business Success ...

When you put up a business, you can expect one of the two things: gain or lose. Of course you want to gain and eventually expand. But you cannot expect that all the time because there are bigger chances that will lose and fail.

Do not lose hope because you will succeed if you are serious about your business. When failure is in the corner, you have no choice but to stand up, gather the pieces and start from there. The next endeavour will be better because you will know what to expect and where to improve. Have you heard about the success story of Mr. Brans Ong?


Mr. Ong, like other businessmen lost almost S$400,000 on his first try but it did not keep him from becoming the owner of his own business consultancy, the APF Group. APF Group provides guidance to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) here in Singapore. The group effectively organizes collaboration from SMEs to local companies and eventually regional business entities.

If you avail of the group’s expertise, you will be told to:

Have a system

To be successful, you need to have a system. You have to create a list each day and make sure to complete it. The point is to remember what you should do.

Maintain a record

A detailed record should be maintained. By doing so, you will know the financial standing the challenges you will face.

Stay focused

Stay focused because you will not make money immediately. It is important that you are patient because it takes time. Focus on your goals and you will surely succeed.

Be consistent

Being consistent in your system, plans and employee is the key to a successful business. Consistency will encourage positive long-term habits.

Offer good service  

Offering good customer service is crucial. If you offer a good service, they will surely come back and bring more.

Singapore’s Pride Architectures

Builders and architects in Singapore face a challenge because of the limited land area. The only solution is to maximize available resources. You should not wonder why the country is fascinated with high rise buildings and architectures that defy nature. Builders and architects are constantly pushing the limits here in Singapore to astound the world.

Famous architectures include:

Resorts World



Resorts World is located in Sentosa Gateway. It is designed by Michael Graves, a world famous product designer and architect. The resort presents six differently themed hotels for families and couples. In here you will find the Hard Rock Hotel, Crockfords Tower, Festive Hotel and Hotel Michael.

Marina Bay Sands


Marina Bay Sands presents luxurious Hotel and SkyPark. It is located in 10 Bayfront Avenue. If you want to witness Singapore’s skyline, SkyPark is there. Tickets are available at tower three, hotel lobby. Aside from hotel accommodation and roof deck, the place offers shopping, dining, entertainment, exhibition facilities and convention halls.

Raffles Hotel


Raffles Hotel is located in 1 Beach Road. This hotel is by far the most popular hotel here in Singapore which is named after Sir Stamford Raffles. For inquiries and booking, you can call them at (+65) 6337-1886.

Armenian Church


Armenian Church is located in 60 Hill Street. It is the oldest Armenian Church here in Singapore. It was designed by George Coleman. Before you get to the Church proper, you will admire the gardens and the exterior.

There are other buildings that awed the world like The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Chinese Garden, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Thian Hock Kheng Temple, Wanderlust, Jamae Mosque, The Helix Bridge, Wangz Hotel, Saint Andrews Cathedral, The Club Hotel, Sultan Mosque and many more.

Singapore is proud of its landscape. You should be proud too! Expect more interesting buildings in the near future.

Excursions Departing From Singapore

The Singapore harbour is considered one of the best harbours in the world. With its state-of-the-art technology and port facilities, it’s easy to see why. If you are planning an excursion outside of Singapore, you will be assured that the travels are safe and you get the best service.


Here are cruise lines departing from Singapore that you can consider:

SuperStar Virgo

You can choose to board Star Cruises’ SuperStar Virgo. This ship provides world class onboard entertainment, fine dining, sports & fitness facilities and excellent room accommodations. You will surely enjoy the luxuries of this five star floating resort.

Orion Expedition Cruises

Orion Expedition Cruises is a global leader when it comes to expedition cruises in Asia and the Pacific. They will take you to more than 94 destinations with their modern ship and 5 star services onboard.

Royal Caribbean

If you want a world class luxury experience, Royal Caribbean can give it to you. They offer only the best when it comes to dining, cabins, entertainment and shopping. If you want to board their ships, you should check their website right away.

Silversea Luxury Cruises

Silversea Luxury Cruises is the perfect way to travel by sea. The luxury ship is proud of its European inspired styles from the intricate room decorations to lovely gourmet dining. For booking information, you can refer to their website.


If you want to cruise Italian style, Costa offers the best experience. Costa Cruise lines will fulfil your every wish from wellness centres, room accommodations, dining and entertainment.

If you are looking for other cruise lines, you can consider Crystal Cruises, Asuka Cruises, Princess Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Cunard Line, Oceania Cruises and many others.

Your cruising experience will be worth it at the end of the day. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture each moment. Cruises are best if you bring your family, friends and loved ones. Enjoy the breeze and the sea!