5 Shoe Types Ideal for a Stroll

Often, our feet get the least attention when it comes to accessories. Yet in travel as well as everyday routines, they should have the most comfort. Any stroll would be cut short if your feet start killing you minutes after you’ve just walked out the door.

As long as our shoes match well with our OOTDs, we’re good to go. As they say, style is always over comfort. Or as far as fashion enthusiasts are concerned, that is. Here are five shoe types ladies must have when in the mood for a stroll in Singapore:

1. Flip flops
Since Singapore has a fairly warm weather most of the year, it’s just wise to give our pair of transport guys we commonly call our feet the breather they need. For travelers, this type of footwear is lightweight and goes well with outfits matching a sunny climate like Singapore’s. Easy to pack and easy to wear, it’s a win-win. For locals, it’s a usual must have for those last-minute strolls we like to squeeze in after a day’s work or on weekends. What better way to dress up than to dress down – comfy and stylish is the combo to go.

2. Gladiator sandals
If flip-flops just can’t stay still, you can always switch to more strapped-style sandals such as these. Not all strapped sandals go well with most chic outfits ladies prefer nowadays, so might as well try these stylish sandals that are not only good for long strolls, but also provide the elegance ladies must have at all times (or as much as possible, anyway). Usually paired with summer dresses or rompers, nobody will guess you’re trying to put comfort over style. Snug-fit to your convenience, it’s a practical choice for those long strolls.

3. Wedge
For those opting to have more height to add to their OOTDs, here’s a type of footwear sure to squeeze in height, comfort and style. Wedge sandals look pretty in any outfit, plus it keeps feet comfortably snug while indulging on those day-long walks doing shopping or sight-seeing. It keeps you stylishly up for social-media-worthy photos along the way, too.

4. Ballet flats / doll shoes
For ladies blessed with height, flats are always a go-to footwear for long strolls. Keeping your feet protected from the sun and other environment naturals, these shoes go well with both dresses and jeans. These types come in different colors, style and materials nowadays, and they’re always in as far as style is concerned. For travelers, these are lightweight so no need to worry about dragging around heavy footwear in your luggage.

5. Sneakers
Who says ragged isn’t pretty? These dress-down types of footwear can easily blend along with almost any outfit. Mostly coming in neutrals white, gray and black, these go-to footwear always make the scene when going for long strolls. They are always in-style, with comfort as top priority.

Five isn’t enough for any girl when it comes to footwear, but these suggestions definitely add to those long list of options that might just come in handy. Up for a walk through Singapore? Pick out your strolling shoes first.

8 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Plain White Shirt

Next to blue jeans and white sneakers, there’s nothing quite as staple as a humble white T-shirt. It’s a cool, comfortable and versatile piece of clothing you can wear anytime, anywhere. However, it could get repetitive wearing the same staple piece over and over again. Here, we’ve compiled eight ways to style this wardrobe must-have and never have to worry about looking like wearing the same shirt every single day.


1. Layer It Up

It’s always fun to wear bright-coloured tanks underneath an oversized white tee. Tie the bottom of the shirt into a knot and let the tank peek through the shirt. Your plain tee won’t look so plain anymore.

2. Pair It With High-Waisted Bottoms

All you need to do is to tuck your shirt into a high-waist jeans, shorts or skirt. The plainness of the shirt can look like you did not try hard and you just threw it on mindlessly. Sport a messy bun for an even more effortlessly chic look.

3. Dress It Down With Culottes and Sandals

Don’t be afraid to wear culottes. White shirts are the safest pairing to any bottoms you may have. Pick a printed one and pair with flip flops or sandals for a laid-back and summer-ready look.

4. Accessorize With Statement Pieces

With an interesting piece of accessory, you can divert people’s attention from the monotony of your shirt. Perhaps, you can wear a bold-coloured scarf, a statement necklace or a chunky bracelet that will match your overall outfit.


5. Make It Work-Appropriate With Blazer

Make your plain white tee look work-appropriate by covering it up in blazer and pairing it with fitted slacks and pointy-toed shoes. This will give you a more formal appeal for the office.

6. Use It As Undershirt

Make it an undershirt for a dress. Plain tees are great undershirt for dresses, especially for floral dresses. It’s even great to wear with flimsy sleeveless dresses and a pair of sneakers.

7. Wear It With Bold Lipstick

A bright lipstick can always perk up a plain outfit. Think of bright pink or bold red lips worn with plain white shirt. Any of these lip colours scream supermodel.

8. Make it Edgy With Leather Jacket

For an edgy ensemble that will work at school and at night out, layer a black leather jacket over your white tee and pair it up with peep-toe heeled boots to complete the outfit. To kick it up a notch, accessorize with ear cuff and studded sling bag.


Dressing up or down a plain white shirt isn’t difficult at all. However, regardless of how you want to glam up your plain white tee, what matters most is that you’re comfortable and confident wearing it.

How to Buy Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry have bewitched humans for thousands of years. Whether you’re a fan of precious gems, semi-precious gems or organic gems, there are ways for you to tell if you’re buying quality gemstone jewelry.


The carat is just one of the many things you need to consider when buying gemstone jewelry. Carat is the unit of measurement used to determine the size of the gem. One carat of gemstone is equivalent to 0.2 grams. The bigger the gem is, the higher the price.

Although the size of the gemstone affects the price, most jewelers place more value on the cut of the gem. When choosing diamonds for example, the cut makes a lot of difference when it comes to pricing. A quality cut gemstone should be able to reflect the light effectively because of the precise proportions.

Gemstones are also graded based on their flawlessness. Remember that not all gemstones are perfect. Sometimes the cut can hide internal and external flaws. Even the setting of the stone on a metal can hide flaws so it’s not like gems with blemishes on the surface and inclusions in the interior are all bad. If you want flawless stones, however, expect to pay more.

Color can also affect the price of the piece. The clearer and more saturated the color, the higher the price. Gemstones that aren’t cloudy are priced higher than most. That is why some emeralds and rubies might be more expensive than colorless diamonds. Rare colors that are the result of the presence of minerals during the formation of some gemstones can also affect the price.


You should always ask the jeweler if the gemstone is treated. Some gemstones that have unnatural colors are usually treated. Treated gemstones are also cheaper because the enhancement is usually done to hide flaws in the gems.

Settings or enclosures refer to how the gemstones is attached to the metal. Typically, you will find a four-prong setting in most jewelry. The most ideal, however, is a six-prong setting. You should also consider the metal used. Jewelers often use platinum, gold and sterling silver and can affect the price.

Imitation stones are different from natural and laboratory-created gemstones. Imitations are made from different materials like glass. Natural gemstones are mined, cut, and polished. Laboratory-created gems like some pearls are still considered natural but there is human intervention. There are also stones that look like natural gems but they are cheaper and have lower intrinsic qualities.


Even if you keep all these basic information in mind, it’s always better if you ask the jeweler about the origin and history of the piece before purchasing. Don’t buy the first piece you set your eyes on. Check other jewelry shops and compare. Ask the shop for a certificate from a gemologist if you’re going to buy loose gemstones. These certificates are separate from the appraisal from the jeweler.

Gucci: The Making

Are you wondering how Gucci bags are made? You do not need to wonder now because Gucci will set up a workshop at the Gucci Paragon Boutique. You are free to witness how bags are made into perfection. You should visit and head to the Gucci Paragon Boutique from February 19-23, 2014.


As a shopper, here are some things that you can expect during the event:


  • Seeing artisans: Gucci bags are made by Italian artisans. Artisans from Italy will be flown to Singapore for this especial event. Gucci will set up a workspace to demonstrate the process of bag making especially for their patrons. You will be awed how crafty and meticulous Gucci is.
  • Seeing materials and tools: Aside from the artisans, special materials from Florence, Italy will be flown too. You will witness how a bag is made from the sketching to the sewing. Apart from the materials (like skins, colours and other parts), special tools will be brought here in Singapore too.
  • How to assemble bags: After preparing the materials and tools, assembling bags is the next. Patrons are given the chance to see how artisans put together the bags. The bags will be assembled on the spot. If you purchase a bag, it will be stamped Singapore AC 2014.
  • Make your own bags: The good thing about this event is that you can create your own bag. You can choose from the materials especially brought in Singapore. Patrons can choose between exclusive colours and skins. For example, the Bamboo in Gold Croco is worth $2,080.

If you are really serious about witnessing the art of bag making, you should head to 290 Orchard Road on the said date. You can purchase bags right away.