7 Simple Ways to Update the Look of Your Kitchen W...

Whether you’re planning to invest in a total kitchen renovation or just hope to make some quick and simple changes, make sure every penny counts when choosing a project that will create an impact to your home kitchen. Stay focused on your goals and get ready to get your hands splattered with paint to achieve beautiful results for a fraction of a price (and time).

1. Replace the hardware
You’ll be surprised how this quick and simple change can make your old kitchen space look like new again. Warm up the look of your kitchen with brass materials in sleek shapes. This can instantly make your kitchen look trendy without costing you a fortune.

2. Add a few open shelves
If you have a big blank wall to fill, consider installing a few open shelves on it. The space is great for showing off fabulous collection of glassware, silverware or even cookbooks—plus they give the room additional storage space. Use sculptural brackets for a touch of sophistication.

3. Repaint the cabinets
Although painting entails a bit of effort, it is incredible cheap! It is just a cost of a can or two of paint and a bit of elbow grease if you are doing in yourself. Whether you go for a dramatic color or a combination of pastel hues, a few coats of paint can totally transform the look of the space.

4. Install under-cabinet lights
Give your kitchen space some drama while also showing off some of your pretty pieces. You can find a lot of under lighting options, including stick-on battery-operated LED lights. These lights have softer glow than overhead lighting, and looks especially stunning at night.

5. Rearrange your cabinet space
If the reason you are wishing to renovate your kitchen is to have more storage, reconsider your existing cabinets. Double up your storage space by getting graduated shelving dividers, inserts or a lazy Susan. But assess first your current storage and see what you really need, or else you’ll end up buying too much and then occupying more space for unused materials.

6. Splurge on a new appliance
This may not be cheap, but it certainly is a quick way to spruce up a kitchen. Financially, also, it is a little less costly to make major purchases like buying appliances one at a time. Replace the one with the most issues or the one you use the most. Even just this will make your kitchen look and feel new.

7. Paint an accent wall
Not so sure whether you should repaint all the walls or just don’ have the time to repaint the cabinets? Quickly paint one wall instead. Go bold for an accent wall. If the entire wall kitchen is in cream, go for a muted red or gray for that single wall for a pop of color.

Sprucing up kitchen (or home) doesn’t mean an entire renovation. Get creative and let these tips inspire your imagination.

Ways to Bring Zen Into Your Home

During these stressful and erratic times, finding tranquillity and comfort in our lives can be difficult. This is the reason why Zen principles have increased in popularity and become a modern trend in interior design. Fancy a minimalist and simplistic design in your home that brings calmness and peacefulness in your space? Want to come home to a place where you know you can relax and feel refreshed? Consider these simple steps to turn your home into a totally Zen place.


1.       Design Symmetrically

Symmetry gives that feeling of orderliness, which for many people invokes calmness. One classic technique to balance a large sofa in a living room is to place two accent chairs on both sides of the coffee table.

2.       Add Floor Pillows

Comfortable floor pillows are timeless Zen accessory, which invites you to unwind and relax. Unfortunately, they tend to look as if they are from a college dorm. The trick here is to get the pillows in a more tailored look. Search through the internet for tailored floor cushions, and you will be directed to plenty of ready-made options.

3.       Go Neutral With the Flooring

When it comes to making homes look calming and relaxing, nothing beats the simplistic beauty of wood floors, though this isn’t the only flooring material that makes spaces look tranquil. They key here is to choose a material that won’t visually collide with the furniture and decor. If you are stuck with a busy looking floor, you can cover it up with a giant rug in neutral colour.


4.       Swap Out Bright Lights

For a truly relaxing space, replace harsh fluorescents with calming and nature-inspired lighting. Place different dim-light fixtures in different places of the house to control the light intensity and the areas of your home to be lighter. Avoid strong, direct light from the ceiling and take advantage of mixing floor lamps, lamp sets and indirect light.

5.       Organize Your Nightstand

Books, glass of water, your phone charger and a couple of receipts add up to the mess on your nightstand. This clutter should not be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning (and the last thing you see when you go to sleep). Instead of a clutter of random stuff, keep a photo of a loved one, a good bedside book and something alive on your nightstand.

Keeping your place looking relaxed is just a matter of eliminating clutter, making more space and choosing the right colours that emanate tranquillity and peacefulness.


Brightening Up Your Room

Many people most especially teens are having difficulties in making their rooms clean and organized. On the other hand, there are people whose hobby is to clean and beautify their rooms in times when they don’t like the arrangement of the things anymore. These individuals want to get things done in order to see and feel that there are changes not only in their daily lives most especially to their rooms.


While some people say that beautifying their rooms is not that important, there are still individuals who believe that creating an attractive room is very essential not only for a person but also for the durability of a house. This is because arranging the things inside your room is also part of the maintenance of the house. Here are some tips on how you are going to make your room look attractive:

  • Select a paint color that would last. Usually, color white is the most general paint that you can put on your wall because if you would want to replace its color, you will simply cover it directly. Sometimes, repainting could be very expensive especially when you want to repaint strong colors like red, violet, dark blue, brown and black.


  • Hang your frames at a visible height. This is to put emphasis on your artwork. Also, it is a very good technique to divert the attention of your visitors especially if your room is too tight. At times that your wall is too crowded with artworks, you can use the back of your door to place the frame.