4 Things You Can Do to Add More Breathing Room for...

Your HDB flat in Singapore may be a little too cozy for your taste, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take the right steps to make it just a little bit bigger – or make it look that way. Here’s what you can do to make your HDB unit’s cramped kitchen look more spacious:

1. Replace solid cabinet doors with glass ones
You need enough light to make up for the lack of space in your flat, so to make the illusion of space, your best option is to switch out your solid cabinet doors with ones that have glass panes.

Glass fronts allow for light to filter through, which in turn makes your cabinets appear lighter than they really are.

If you really want to allow for a more spacious appearance in your kitchen, ditch the cabinets entirely and go for floating shelves and mounted racks instead. These are the most streamlined and give you the easiest access to your kitchenware while still appearing spacious.

2. Use a single color scheme
Pale colors tend to reflect light and makes any space feel bigger, but even though you don’t like using white as your color scheme, what’s important is that you stick to one definite color scheme and apply it consistently throughout your whole kitchen.

This is because having multiple colors will only take up more space or compete for your attention, which can only make your space feel more cramped.

A few examples of colors that also work great on a small kitchen space include deep tones, such as chocolate, charcoal, and navy, which not only recede visually, but also make the walls appear much farther back, giving the illusion of room.

3. Choose smaller furniture
Space is a premium in a home that doesn’t have a lot of it, but when you choose your furniture pieces right, you make your cozy kitchen space feel as wide as possible.

Think of small-footprint-furniture pieces like slim chairs, streamlined stools, and narrow tables, and avoid getting furniture with thick bases or chunky legs, as these tend to add visual bulk.

4. Use clean lines for your design
If you have to make a design for your kitchen, keep its visual elements streamlined as much as possible. Having ornate cabinets and details in your kitchen pieces may work for large spaces, but not for a small kitchen space.
Your best option is to keep your different elements smooth and tailored, going for neat, simple lines that allow for a roomier feel by minimizing visual clutter.

Ideally, your kitchen should have a lot of vertical lines, and your kitchen’s design should allow the eye to move up and down.

5 Things People Often Forget When Buying a New Hom...

It was your dream house, until you notice something that you should have remembered before purchasing it. Unfortunately, many house buyers in Singapore fall in love with a property, only to find out that they have overlooked something major.

Yes, there are many things to checkout but so little time. However, if you want to avoid a major onset of buyer’s remorse, make sure to take mental note of these often-forgotten yet crucial home features.

1. Professional Inspection
Even if the property looks excellent, always bring a professional property inspector to check out every nook and cranny of your prospect home before closing the deal. A professional property inspector can spot looming damages and even pest infestation, which could potentially cost you thousands of dollars down the road if not spotted early.

2. Conveyance Process
The conveyance is the process of transferring the property’s title from the seller to the buyer’s name. You need to have the contract and title reviewed first by a qualified conveyancer before closing the deal. If you are really interested about the property, get a copy of the contract as soon as possible.

3. Loan Pre-Approval
This might be obvious, but be sure not to forget a pre-approval for the loan. This is just a letter from the lender that states how much you will be borrowing. This will help you set a realistic budget for your new home. Having a pre-approval letter on-hand will show real estate agents and property owners that you are serious and will let you move forward confidently when looking for your dream house.

4. The Neighborhood
Seeing your house during the day and the night will give you an insight of what kind of neighborhood you will have. When strolling the streets at night, you want to make sure that you can get home safely. Moreover, a community’s atmosphere can drastically change when most of the people are at work and at home. How does the neighborhood look like during weekdays? How about during the weekends?

5. Enough Space to Grow
To really make the most of your money, you need to stay put in your home for a couple of years. That is why you should think it over long and hard enough whether the prospect property can grow with you through the years. Is it possible for you or your spouse to create an office area in your home? If thinking of having a family in the future, does the property have extra rooms for your children? Is there a nearby park where your kids can play? While you want to buy a home that’s realistic in price and in size, you certainly do not want to outgrow your home too soon.

Purchasing your own home is an exciting decision to make, but it can also be a confusing process. As always, it is best to consult a property expert to guide you through the buying process.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercia...

As a business owner, you understand the calamity that plumbing system issues can bring to your commercial property. A plumbing emergency could either disrupt a business’s service or bring it to a complete stop. This is when you will need the services of an expert commercial plumbing contractor. Yes, finding one will be challenging but knowing what factors to consider will surely help you in choosing and hiring the right plumber for your business.


1. Insured and Licensed
Just like with other plumbing contractors, your prospective commercial plumber should also have all the important credentials like certifications and licenses. Although not all plumbers with such credentials are capable of providing the best plumbing services, they do give clients the assurance that they are good enough to perform a repair job. A good way of ensuring that the plumbing contractor you are planning to hire is licensed and insured is to check with the recognized plumbing organizations in Singapore, or to simply ask the plumber to show you his certifications.

2. Experience in Commercial Plumbing
It is crucial to find a plumbing contractor who specializes in providing commercial plumbing services. Understand that not every plumbing company in Singapore are capable of providing the type of services that you need, and you might end up hiring a plumber who has little to no experience in handling issues of commercial plumbing systems. Such contractors could be unfamiliar with the plumbing standards and local codes of commercial establishments. So be sure to avoid causing more serious damages to your plumbing system by hiring someone with enough experience in offering commercial plumbing services.

3. Pricing for Plumbing Services
Other than plumbing licenses and experience, finding a commercial plumber who can give a detailed and written estimate of the fees that you will be paying them after inspecting your plumbing system is also crucial. Hiring a quick plumbing service in Singapore will help you work within your allotted budget instead of getting surprised of the amount you need to pay once the repair job is done. Agreeing to pay the repair job by the hour can have a huge impact on your budget, especially if you do not have any idea as to how long it will take to complete the job.

4. Guarantees and Warranties
Another important factor to consider when choosing a commercial plumbing contractor is the job guarantee or warranty that he offers. This warranty allows you to request a follow-up inspection in the event an installation problem occurs, or your plumbing issue recurs. As much as possible, opt for a commercial plumbing contractor who will reimburse your money, or redo the repair job in case you are dissatisfied with the result of the repair job that they performed.


5. 24-Hour Plumbing Services
Plumbing emergencies occur at any given moment, which is why it is crucial that you hire a plumber capable of providing round-the-clock services. Having a 24 hours plumber ready is often seen as a valuable asset to any business, since they can be easily contacted in case a plumbing emergency occurs during wee hours. Your chosen plumber should be reliable enough to promptly respond and offer his plumbing services when such misfortunes occur.

6. Customer Feedback
Naturally, the plumbing contractors that you shortlisted will claim that they are the best at what they do, but you should never just take their word for it. Instead, verify their claims by asking about the past repair jobs that they performed with their previous clients. Perhaps you can have him provide a list of referrals and find out whether or not his clients were satisfied with the services that he provided.

Getting some feedback from local businesses that hired him in the past would be also be a good idea. This will help in making the decision process easier, and you will also be able to rest easy knowing that the plumber has previously worked on business establishments similar as yours.

7. Knowledge About the Commercial Plumbing Codes and Regulations
If the commercial plumber you are planning to hire is involved in all sorts of plumbing services, then he be familiar and knowledgeable about the codes and regulations related with it. A well-informed plumbing contractor handles all the paperwork involved, thus relieving all the stress off their client.

Aside from being familiar with the plumbing codes and regulations, your prospective plumber should also be aware of the unique needs of a commercial plumbing system. For instance, the public restroom of a restaurant will likely require regular maintenance work as it is always used by both the customers and staff. As a commercial plumbing contractor, he should understand that the plumbing needs of a commercial establishment are different from that of a regular home.

8. Quality Conformity
Another important factor that you should consider before hiring a plumber is the quality of the materials they are using. Failing to put this factor into consideration might cause you to be victimized by fraudulent plumbing companies that use low quality plumbing materials to increase their job earnings. So before hiring a particular commercial plumbing contractor, be sure to ask about the type of installations, fixtures and materials they usually use for their plumbing works.

Research about the cost and quality of their preferred materials to gauge the quality of the plumbing services they are offering. Also, check the warranty period on various plumbing products so you will have an idea about their durability and quality.


At some point, your business will the plumbing services of a reliable plumber. So as you decide on which one to hire, be sure to consider their experience, competence, availability and pricing to save you from the stress of needing to put your business to a stop.

The Beauty of White Gloss Bedroom Furniture

White gloss bedroom furniture are becoming popular, which is why lots of people are replacing their previous bedroom furniture to this. In reality, the bedroom furniture aren’t the only ones getting popular, even the other furniture in the house. Those who are distributing cheap ones are also increasing with the popularity of the white gloss household furniture. The bedroom furniture should come from reputable and trusted vendor, same as Mode Designs.

Mayfair White Set

Listed below are some more reasons to change your bedroom furniture similar to what other people did if you are considering on doing so.

Here are the top reasons to change to white gloss bedroom furniture:

1. It will cheer and lighten up any room. No matter how basic the white gloss furniture you get, it will still lighten your room. A gloss furniture looks amazing with the sunrays, especially with its tidy, light colour. It will also provide the room a bright and merry feeling.

2. It would match up with the other colours in your bedroom. White goes beautifully with any colour. That’s why purchasing a white gloss furniture for the bedroom would be ideal. Whether you own a lively room or a monochromatic one, it is guaranteed to give life to the personal space. Additionally, white furniture creates a spectacular effect which is likely to amaze visitors. There are also white gloss furniture with accents of black, this means you don’t need to be concerned if you do not want a home furniture that is purely white.

3. It is one of the most eye-catching interior solutions around. As it is now in demand, there are a number of several types and versions that can suit most bedrooms, as well as the taste of the owners. You do not need to renovate a room just so your white gloss furniture can blend in. You could just pick from a wide selection of products. And since many of these furniture have a very sophisticated appearance, it is likely to add a particular level of elegance and class to your bedroom.


4. There are lots of stores to purchase the home furniture from. Pointed out earlier, white gloss bedroom furniture are getting popular. Nowadays, there are lots of suppliers selling one. But be conscious of who you are likely to rely on. Always research before trusting a provider. Make sure that you check the product reviews of the previous customers to know if they truly supply top quality products.

You can always choose from several furniture to place in your room, nonetheless, you prefer the best one. Your bedroom and all the things in it should help you feel comfortable and at peace, particularly after a long, stressful day. Manufacturers like Mode Designs provide a number of great high gloss furniture that will not only liven up a person’s bedroom, but will even allow you to feel really relaxed.

White gloss bedroom furniture are really the ideal one to get for the house. If you want some more reasons to buy and change to white gloss furniture, simply refer to the 4 reasons previously stated. And surely, you’ll be persuaded to do so.

White Chest of Drawers

Clothes You Should Never Put In the Dryer

Dryers are great inventions and have become a household necessity over the years. However, there are clothing pieces that should never be in the dryer. If you want to avoid warping, shrinking, or straight-up destroying some of your clothes, know what wardrobe pieces must never go to your dryer.


1.       Bras

Bras are not meant for dryers, ladies. Though it’s a bit of a hassle, air-drying your bras preserve the shape and extend the life of these undergarments much longer. Bras are probably the most delicate clothing pieces that they require special care—dry them flat and reshaped in their original form.

2.       Bathing Suits

While bathing suits can withstand the outdoor heat, the harsh temperature inside the dryer can make spandex brittle. Don’t worry though for small amounts of spandex (like those in the band of your jeans), they’ll stay intact and elastic.

3.       Tights or Pantyhose

Such delicate material shrinks in the heat, while the tumbling motion inside the dryer can cause them to get tangled. Have you tried untangling a pair of hosiery? You definitely don’t want to try that.


4.       Pieces With Embellishments

Think stones and sequins. The tumble cycle that happens in the dryer can cause damage to your fancy dresses and tops, while snagging other items in the drying process. For clothing pieces with delicate embellishments, it’s safer to hang dry them—or if the material is too thin—lay them flat to air out.

5.       Wool Sweaters

While it feels rough and strong to skin, wool is a fragile fabric. A run through the dryer can break down the fabric and damage the look of your sweater. It’s best for wool sweaters to dry them out flat.

6.       Lace Items

Many lace items can withstand the heat in the dryer, but the tumbling motion can cause damage to this delicate fabric. They can easily collect things like lint and strings off of other clothing items. Lace is delicate and a beautiful type of material that you want to take extra care of.

In general, anything that comes with a care tag that warns against dryers should never be put in the dryer. Most of these items are those made of delicate materials and hand-sewn embellishments on them. Lengthen the life of your favourite garments by knowing how to safely wash and dry them.