How to Be a Morning Person in 5 Easy Steps

It’s easy to love being the night owl, the only one left to revel in the late nights when everyone else is asleep. But things aren’t so easy when you need to wake up in the morning, only to find that you don’t have the energy.

The good news is that you can wake up in the morning feeling with more gusto and ready to take on the day – here’s how you can do it in five easy steps:

1. Sleep in early
The best way to wake up early while getting in the most hours of sleep is by going to bed early. And yes, that means no distractions, no late-night binges of your favorite shows, and certainly no staring at your smartphone and computer screen.

This reason for this is because the blue light emitted from these devices actually interferes with your body’s circadian rhythm.

2. Actually wake up
Don’t hit snooze and give yourself “five more minutes” – this only makes you more likely to wake up past your schedule and run late for work or school.

However, if you really can’t resist sleeping for longer, you can get around that by having multiple alarms on your phone to ring at different times. Have four and five of them, so even if you hit “snooze” on the first alarm, you have to do so repeatedly.

3. Develop a personal ritual
Having a personal ritual before sleeping and after waking up helps to give you a cue for different times of the day.

Whether it’s taking a few minutes to stretch, some deep breathing exercises, or even something as simple as sitting on your bed doing nothing at all, giving yourself this small time frame lets your mind and body adjust in time.

4. Drink coffee
Perhaps the most important part of any morning for a coffee lover is their favorite drink, and there’s nothing like a cup to start your day!

However, if you’ve been drinking coffee during the late hours, you should probably stay away from it until the caffeine leaves your system. This can usually take a few hours at best, so drink water instead to replace any lost fluids.

5. Exercise
No need to drag yourself to the gym – get your blood going in the morning by doing a few exercises at home after waking up! This will improve your wakefulness and make you feel alert when you’re feeling groggy right after you forced yourself to get out of bed.

You can even incorporate your short exercise routine into your daily personal ritual to give yourself something to automatically start doing at the start of the day.

Why It Can Be Good to Talk to Strangers

Most of our childhood, we’ve been told to never talk to people we don’t know, and surely for good reason. But as we grow older, all the “security” from that sentence will slowly not matter anymore. As we grow older, talking to strangers is more of a pro than a con. Here’s why:

You will improve your confidence
First of all, most of us have a general fear of talking to others we barely know. Whether this is an effect of that “don’t talk to strangers” line we always hear from our parents or just a result of anxiety, we rarely talk to strangers without hesitating. Talking to stranger, though, can actually be good practice for learning to be more confident. Even just getting rid of your initial anxiety to talk to them is a start!

You’ll have better social skills
As a result of being more confident, you will also improve your social skills. When you start talking to strangers, you will learn which lines can make the conversation going and which ones make it awkward. So, you will learn what to say and what not to say even with people you already know. Whether the conversations go deep or you’re just doing small talk, you’ll be able to avoid those awkward silences.

You will learn new things
Considering that the stranger you approached is a good sport and begins to have a good conversation with you, rest assured you’ll have new things to learn. Everyone knows a little bit that you don’t. It can be hard to know if they’re saying the truth, but if it is, consider it a great blessing. They might give valuable advice that can take you places you would not have imagined going.

You might be able to help someone
This is what’s amazing about striking up a conversation. In Singapore and all around the world, depression is becoming more and more apparent. There are people who are desperate to tell others about their suffering. You might be able to talk to a stranger and he/she will eventually open up to you. You don’t have to give advice, you just have to listen. They might be thankful to you for that.

You make new friends
Ultimately, talking to strangers can help you make new friends. You might find that this person has the same interests or hobbies as you. Then, you’ll get to know his/her friends and vice versa. You’ll have different connections with people you previously never knew. Of course, you obviously won’t get a new friend all the time, but still, you get all of the benefits listed above!

Although this highlights the benefits of talking to strangers, always remember not to compromise your safety. Don’t go to dangerous and shady places just to talk to a stranger! Additionally, if the person doesn’t want to talk, just don’t push it, that will do more harm than good.

Become Better at What You’re Good At

Okay, let’s say since we were kids some of us had this special thing which we thought we were the best at. Some kids would be the fastest while others would be the strongest. There would be so many ways to compare yourself to others that it wouldn’t really be hard to find what we’re good at sooner or later. Now a couple of years later you grow into an adult, what are you good at? The comparison for adults is very complicated. Some people stand out at public speaking while others stand out at doing hard concentrated work like encoding or research. Either way, we know our strengths. They become comfortable to us. These strengths are what make us stand out from the rest. But what happens when someone comes along and beats you at your own game? What do you do?

Here’s a few tips to get better at what you’re already good at:

1. Accept
Accepting that someone is better than you without excuses is something you should definitely do. Acceptance is like a huge gulp of bad tasting medicine you have to slide down your throat. After all, the three steps of learning are not knowing anything, thinking you know everything, then realizing you know nothing. This is how we improve! You can’t improve if you become too comfortable with where you are now, you have to aim a little higher every time.

2. Learn
Learning is something we should never give up on. After all, the sky is the limit. There’s a line from the movie “whiplash” where there was a conversation and what the teacher told the student was that “the worst words you can say to a musician is good job” this indicates that once you think you are good enough, you end up giving up on learning and improving. This should never be the case. You should always strive to be better than you were before.

3. Practice
Finally, practice! There’s an old saying that practice makes perfect. A certain response has been thrown out stating that if none of us are perfect and imperfection is something we can’t escape, why should we practice? But then again, another response has sprung out from nowhere expressing that you should practice and aim for perfection because if you do that, you’ll never end up on perfect, you’ll end up being excellent. To get something, we should be asking for a little more.

Here are three things to ponder on for the sake of your improvement. Let’s not forget about how we are suppose to grow as human being. After all, growth is what humanity is about. Strive for perfect, you’ll end up becoming excellent.

Guidelines to Be Successful

Young individuals always dream to become successful one day. They do everything they can to excel but this is not as easy as you think because you really need to exert effort and do the best that you can even if you know in yourself that you are having a hard time getting the success that you always want.


Sometimes, there are lucky people who don’t have to put much effort to get success because it was already granted to them. In short, they own success simply because they have everything.

Now, if you are always dreaming of a brighter future and become successful, here are some guidelines that you need to understand in order to achieve the success that you always dream.


  • Just follow your dream. You will have a happy life if you follow what you love to do or to be. In other words, you just have to have passion in all your work and you will be surprised that you have already reached the top.
  • Treat all things you encounter positively. Always make things positive even if the whole world is negative. The negative things that you see are your obstacles, it may ruin your success if you let it lead you. So, if you are going for success, fight all the negativity.
  • Always believe that you can do it. It’s similar with thinking positive things. Do not ever say that you have nothing or you don’t have anything that they have. Remember, all things are created with different purposes.


Tips on How to be Persuasive

You are a sales man. What if you could win people every time you speak to them? That is called the power of persuasion. Every sales person should have that power so they can move and influence people. If you want to have that power, you should read further.


The truth is we are emotional beings. We rely on emotions rather than logic. We make decisions based on our emotions before justifying it logically. This is where persuasion comes. You engage people emotionally first before you secure what you want to happen.

The good news is that you can be persuasive and influential with the following steps:


  • Create link: The first thing that you should do is create a link to your audience or the people you are talking. You can for instance compliment them for being early or you can talk about a common person.
  • Focus on the problem: People listen to you because you are talking about solutions for their problem but before tackling the problem, you should first focus on their problem. You should establish problems that your solutions can solve.
  • Benefit of the problem: After establishing the problem, the next thing that you should do is discuss the benefit of the problem. You should make sure that your explanation is neutral so your audience will believe you. You have to create positive feeling.
  • Reveal solution: Finally, you reveal the solution. The solution should be brilliant so at the end of your talk, they will want to purchase or buy whatever you are offering. The last part is call to action.

You can use the simple steps mentioned above. If you can persuade and influence a lot of Singaporeans, your job will be easier to handle. You need to be persuasive to affect change. Singaporeans are hard to persuade but once you understand them, everything will follow.