Four Big Things to Think When Hiring a Live Band

A Singapore wedding live band is all about energy and entertainment—two things that are incomparable with other forms of entertainment. As they say, there’s power in number. So a group of entertainers or musicians is way better than a soloist. Besides, larger weddings mean more guests, and so a live band is just the ideal entertainment to keep up with the crowd.


Choosing a wedding live band Singapore is not as easy as it seems. You need to look into four big things when making decisions.

Your Venue

Firstly, you need to examine the size and shape of your reception venue. Is it spacious enough to accommodate a group of musicians with their instruments? Is there a dedicated area or a stage for performers, or do you have to allocate for it a portion of the dance floor? The number of musicians you can hire depends on the capacity of your venue. If it is large enough, then you can have a band with up to 8 performers. If your venue is smaller, then you might be restricted to getting a band with only 4 members or less.

Your Guest List

Remember, you are not only providing great entertainment for your own ears. Most importantly, you are hiring a band to play wedding live music for your guests’ satisfaction. That being said, it is highly important that you don’t make decisions based on your personal musical tastes alone. Your guest list is comprised of people in different age brackets, so it is necessary that you think of their preferences as well. Think carefully what could be the type of music from a fun wedding live band in Singapore they would enjoy listening to. This can be quite challenging, but at least in every set, try to make your guests feel that there is a song that has been played especially for them.


The Duration

A band can sure play a number of great songs, but it can be totally different when they are asked to perform live for 4 hours. When you are in the stage of searching for the best Singapore wedding live band, try to watch and hear them play in action to better gauge their energy level, if they can keep the same performance level up over a long period of time. Moreover, it will be best if the band you choose know several genre so they can adapt easily to the changing mood as your reception will definitely take long hours.

Your Wedding Theme

The fourth thing you need to chew over is your wedding theme. It is essential that your choice of band can play wedding live music that fits your motif. The music you play in your reception can result either to success or failure. There are several styles of wedding live band from Singapore you can choose from: rock, country, blues, soul, and jazz, among which. Make sure that their style or genre does not clash against your theme, which is the element that glues together all the aspects of your wedding.


Tying the Knot: A Year in the Making

5 Advantages of Having Long Engagements


While a long engagement may seem like a tiresome affair, keeping a few years between your engagement and wedding can actually be beneficial. Aside from giving you enough time to perfectly plan out your wedding, it’ll also allow you to understand and know more about your partner. So before you get swayed to tie the knot a few months after your engagement, we’ve listed down a few reasons why you should consider having a long engagement period instead.


1.       You Have Higher Chances of Following Your Budget

With a long engagement, you’ll have enough time to see everything related to wedding on Instagram and Pinterest, and then plan your budget accordingly. You’ll also have all the time in the world to look for better (and cheaper) alternatives on décors or packages that go over your budget. With this, you won’t have any regrets and last-minute compromises.

2.       You Get to Plan Down to the Smallest Detail

Most bride-to-be’s prefer having long engagements as it allows them to go over even the most intricate detail of their wedding. From the placement of the flowers to the venue and to earrings, you’ll have the control over everything instead of trusting someone else do it for you.

3.       You Can Hire Vendors Early at a Reasonable Price

Since you have the luxury of time to think about what you really want for your wedding, you’ll have the advantage of choosing your vendors accordingly. If the florist your wedding planner suggested doesn’t have the kind of flowers that you want, you have the luxury of time to find and hire someone else. If you plan to have a custom-designed wedding gown and tux, you can browse through hundreds of bridal collections and choose the exact design that you want.


4.       You Can Ponder Over Who’s Included in Your Guest List

Not being pressed for time allows you to have lengthy discussions with your partner and parents as to who gets invited on your wedding day. Plus, there’s a lower chance of you forgetting to invite someone important, since you can take as many days as you want to finalize your guest list.

5.       You Can Save for Your Dream Honeymoon

Aside from saving up for you actual wedding, having a long engagement also lets you save up for your dream honeymoon destination. Rather than following the advice of the travel agent, you can check on different places online or ask your friends for good recommendations. If you want, you can even scout the place before your wedding to ensure that your honeymoon goes just how you imagined it to be.

Other than allowing you to plan your wedding down to the smallest detail, having a long engagement also prepares you for the married life itself. So enjoy your “engaged” status as much as you can, because as they say, you’ll only be a fiancé once.


Adding Pizzazz to a Wedding Video

Watching a wedding video is totally different from being present at the wedding event itself. The speech of the father of the bride may be interesting to a guest, no matter how long it is. However, when that one-hour speech is unbroken in the final Singapore wedding video coverage output, it becomes dragging.

Wedding cinematography is an art, and art should not bore the senses. There are many ways to make your wedding video dull. Unless you want it that way, here are sure-fire ways to make a wedding video worth watching.


Use professional video equipment

A professional wedding videographer in Singapore makes use of high-end video cameras and accessories in producing excellent wedding videos. While experts say that excellence is not really dependent on the device used but on the skills of the Singapore videographer, professional video equipment enriches one’s talent and skills in videography. For special occasions like weddings, it is best to use the right equipment for perfect videography moments in Singapore as amateur equipment produces mediocre output.

Choose the perfect background

50% of what is shown in the video is enhanced by the area or scenery behind the subject. Viewers can get annoyed with cluttered, irrelevant and noisy backgrounds, and eventually, they might not want to watch the video until the end. In wedding videography, scouting for the perfect backgrounds prior to shoot is very important.


Get down to eye level

A bird’s eye view and a worm’s eye view both gives interesting perspectives. However, shooting the subject at eye level is often the key in shooting wedding videos. A good wedding videographer in Singapore dares to crouch down to the level of the ring bearer’s eyes to make the output more appealing.

Take cutaways to add excitement

The exchanging of vows between the Singapore bride and the groom is a very important part, and so it must not be cut short in the final video output. Since it should not be broken, it may be a bit dragging. Record the bride’s mother as she wipes away her tears and the best man as he applauds for the groom as these shots make good cutaways. Inserting these cutaways when editing the video later on can effectively break the monotony and even make the exchanging of vows more exciting.


Move the camera

The shot produced when the camera is simply mounted on a tripod while waiting for the bride as she walks slowly down the aisle lacks life. That shot can become more interesting if the camera moves along with the bride. Two basic camera movements are dollying and trucking. You can either truck left or right perpendicular to the bride, or dolly in (towards) or out (away) from the bride.

Edit tightly

In Singapore wedding videography, the post-production stage is equally important as the pre-production and production stages as it is all about editing the video for it to become a masterpiece. The secret to make a perfect wedding video is to edit it as short and substantial as possible. Only include the most important and beautiful ones, and cut away everything else you think would be irrelevant. It is better to make the audience ask for more than to give them too much that they get bored.