Disney Films’ Business Plan

Talk about Disney and all kids here in Singapore can relate. Maybe Walt Disney never dreamt of his company becoming an empire. He may have started with a mouse but his empire grew because of its animated feature films. The company excelled not only for its box-office films but also for its theme parks and merchandise.


To date, Disney has produced at least fifty four animated films over the last seventy eight years. It all started with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs way back 1937. Aside from that, the company also made spinoffs, sequels, follow-ups and live-actions. Keeping track of these movies are their reiterations can be confusing.

However, no matter the spinoffs, sequels, follow-ups and live-actions, there is a trend unique to Disney. The trend are as follows:

  • Live action remakes: The success of Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella proved that Disney can make live action work. The success of such live action films paved way to other films like The Jungle Book (which is due in 2016), sequel of the Alice in Wonderland (also in 2016) and Beauty and the Beast (in 2017). There are also in-development films but yet undated include Dumbo, Peter Pan, Aladdin, Pinocchio and Mulan.
  • Taking on big-screen sequels: Disney avoided putting sequels but they are now starting to develop follow-ups for its hits like Big Hero 6 and, of course, Frozen. Not all Singaporeans know this but Pixar is also owned by Disney. Pixar is also starting to develop follow-ups for their hits like Toy Story, Cars 2, Finding Nemo, Monsters University and The Incredibles.


  • Home video is waning: In the past, hits would have been made into direct-to-video sequels with the use of their DisneyToons Studio. This is called home video. These days, the home video market is waning because people would rather want to see it in the big screen.
  • Rapid growth: Aside from its animated feature films, theme parks and merchandises, Disney also embark on streaming and TV channel which contributed its rapid growth. Many avid fans are happy because of the Disney Movies Anywhere where one is allowed to stream or download a Disney film.

It does not end there because Disney also feature its own TV channel which shows animated series that are somewhat forgotten by people. This is Disney’s way of reviving their famous films back into the consciousness of the public.

Disney is part of our childhood. It will continue to excel and inspire more people in the long run. For sure our kids and grandkids will appreciate it in the future.


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