Eat Without the Guilt

5 Healthy Carbs You Can Eat While Still Losing Weight

Close your eyes and don’t think of anything but carbohydrates. Odds are, you are picturing mounds of bagels, a bowl of pasta and a tower of cupcakes. Now, think of healthy carbs and you’ll certainly picture out a dish of bland oatmeal. Well, guess what? Oatmeal isn’t the only healthy carb that you can eat without feeling any guilt. To help you get your daily carb fixes, we’ve listed down five of the healthiest carbs that you can chow down without worrying on the pounds.


1.       Baked Sweet Potatoes. Since it’s loaded with calcium, carotene, potassium, and vitamins A and C, sweet potatoes are definitely the type of healthy carb that you’d enjoy. One baked version of this starchy veggie has 24 grams of carbs and about six grams of fibre, which most bad carbs don’t have. Other than that, some researches also showed that sweet potatoes might help in reducing cholesterol levels, thereby reducing your risk of acquiring heart diseases.

2.       Beans. Other than being a good and healthy source of carbohydrates, beans are also rich in fibre, antioxidants and minerals like calcium, folate, iron and zinc. So go ahead and start adding the lima, pinto, kidney or black beans into your dietary dishes.

3.       Strawberries. When it comes to looking for healthy amount of carbs in fruits, things might get a bit complicated. Although they’re known to be healthy, it still doesn’t hide the fact that most fruits have a high carbohydrate content, especially sugars like fructose and glucose. Of course, eating fruits is still preferable than indulging on a blueberry muffin, but you may want to consider having just a cup of strawberries that’s only loaded with eight grams of carbs than a cup of grapes that’s filled with 26 grams.


4.       Popcorn. You might get all elated about this, but movie popcorn doesn’t count in this one. What we’re talking about is air-popped popcorn. This is one of the healthiest and guilt-free alternative for your favourite movie snack as a 2.5 cup serving of it only contains 13 grams of carbs and three grams of fibre. If it seems to be too bland for you, just sprinkle on some cumin, garlic pepper or other spices that you love.

5.       Wine. Although it’s low-carb by nature, this doesn’t mean that you should already guzzle the stuff with abandon. A five ounce glass of wine is only loaded with zero to four carbs max, which is why drinking a glass of wine from time to time certainly won’t mess with your dieting, carb-wise.

Not all carbs out there are set to ruin your diet and fitness goals. All that you’ve got to do is find the right food and the right amount of carb that can satisfy your carb cravings without messing up the numbers on the scale.


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