How to Be a Morning Person in 5 Easy Steps

It’s easy to love being the night owl, the only one left to revel in the late nights when everyone else is asleep. But things aren’t so easy when you need to wake up in the morning, only to find that you don’t have the energy.

The good news is that you can wake up in the morning feeling with more gusto and ready to take on the day – here’s how you can do it in five easy steps:

1. Sleep in early
The best way to wake up early while getting in the most hours of sleep is by going to bed early. And yes, that means no distractions, no late-night binges of your favorite shows, and certainly no staring at your smartphone and computer screen.

This reason for this is because the blue light emitted from these devices actually interferes with your body’s circadian rhythm.

2. Actually wake up
Don’t hit snooze and give yourself “five more minutes” – this only makes you more likely to wake up past your schedule and run late for work or school.

However, if you really can’t resist sleeping for longer, you can get around that by having multiple alarms on your phone to ring at different times. Have four and five of them, so even if you hit “snooze” on the first alarm, you have to do so repeatedly.

3. Develop a personal ritual
Having a personal ritual before sleeping and after waking up helps to give you a cue for different times of the day.

Whether it’s taking a few minutes to stretch, some deep breathing exercises, or even something as simple as sitting on your bed doing nothing at all, giving yourself this small time frame lets your mind and body adjust in time.

4. Drink coffee
Perhaps the most important part of any morning for a coffee lover is their favorite drink, and there’s nothing like a cup to start your day!

However, if you’ve been drinking coffee during the late hours, you should probably stay away from it until the caffeine leaves your system. This can usually take a few hours at best, so drink water instead to replace any lost fluids.

5. Exercise
No need to drag yourself to the gym – get your blood going in the morning by doing a few exercises at home after waking up! This will improve your wakefulness and make you feel alert when you’re feeling groggy right after you forced yourself to get out of bed.

You can even incorporate your short exercise routine into your daily personal ritual to give yourself something to automatically start doing at the start of the day.

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