Marriage Makes a Person Happier

Most of the time, marriage is like a roller coaster. There are many obstacles to pass especially in the issue that talks about money. Now, about money, it is only between two things. It is good and bad. Money issues will be good if there is enough or more of it. However, it is bad most especially if it is not sufficient. In order to come up look good about everything in money. You need to work hard for it and do not take any chances that would let you get far from money.


On the other hand, you should not always focus a lot in making money for your family.

Yes, it is important but what’s more valuable is the time that you spends with your loved ones. Most of the time, you need to sacrifice and set side work from your family because no matter how hard you work, it is still not sufficient because having time to the members of your family is very significant.


See the parents that are working abroad and leave their child for five or ten years. What would they expect when they come? Usually, the child don’t want their parents anymore or they want them but are very rebellious. There will come a time that your child give you reason why they are mad because you did not take care of them since they were child. They miss a lot of things most especially their childhood. They miss the experience of being a child that has a mother and father accompanying whenever, they earn a medal.


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