Surviving in the Wild

There have been many cases of lost adventurers who come home dead or injured. We cannot just stop from exploring because we fear of suffering the same fate. If you are an adventurer, it is vital that you know some survival tips so you can go in the wild and not be afraid. The first thing that you should never let go is the will to survive. If you give up, you will surely die.  Here are some tips so you manage in the wild while waiting for help:


Tell someone where you are going. It is the golden rule to always tell someone where you are going and how long will you be gone. If you are not back on time, they will surely alert the police and rescue teams. You have more chances of being found out alive.

STOP. STOP stands for Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. When you realized that you are lost, stop for a while, rest and relax. After that, you need to think or assess the time when you get all wrong. If you observe the environment and try to back track a little, maybe you will find the path. Finally, when you realized that you are really lost, you should plan what to do next.

Do not panic. It is important that you do not panic. Yes, getting lost in the wild and seeing the darkness is quite unsettling but it is advisable that you do not panic as it can cloud your judgment. It is natural to be shocked and then panic but do not hold it for long because it will not do you good.

Check your gears. Before you head out to the wild, make sure you have the right survival tools like knife, metal match, cords, whistle, blanket, mirror, tablets, compass and communication device. These tools can be the difference between life and death. Even if you are only in the wild for a day, it is better to bring all these things. It is better safe than sorry.

Surviving the wilderness is not easy but never lose hope. It is important that before going out, you studied and read survival tips.

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