The Happiest Places All Over the World to Travel To

More and more people are aspiring to travel the world. There are a lot of reasons why people want to travel. It could be to look for better career opportunities, to relax, to go sightseeing or simply experience another culture. However, the principal reason why people want to travel is to stay away from too much stress and become happier.


If you want to travel and be happy, you might want to read the list below for some of the happiest places in the world to travel to, as compiled by the best travel companies.


Disneyland is dubbed as the happiest place in the world so it’s really no surprise why it’s part of the list. Earning a total of 16 million visitors yearly, Disneyland continues to let its guests experience fun and enjoyment through their different amenities and events.

Uniworld, Belgium

Belgium is famous for its delicious and sinful chocolates. Indulging in these sweet treats can definitely make us happier since chocolates contain tryptophan, an amino acid used by our brain to produce serotonin, a hormone that makes us happy.


Adventure World, Costa Rica

If the idea of azure waters and lush forests do not make you happy, we don’t know what will. Costa Rica is a home to the two things mentioned so it’s no doubt you will enjoy your stay. You cannot help but smile because of the wonder of nature right in front of you.

Busabout, Thailand

Thailand is not shy of unforgettable travel destinations famous all over the world. The beaches in the area are serene, and food is simply scrumptious and affordable. Travelers would no doubt feel welcomed by friendly locals who have contagious smiles.

Wat Arun The Temple in Bangkok Thailand

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