The Proper Technique in Opening Wine Bottles

Since wine bottles are always present in any special occasion, opening of wine bottles will be a problem. With the use of corkscrew, you can open the wine bottle but it can cause accidents. As you open the wine bottle using the cork opener, there are times the cork may be broken into pieces and the parts of the cork flushes down to the bottle.


Sometimes, you do pull the cork inside the wine using your hand. To avoid this, make it a habit to find to best corkscrews in the market. Actually, there are many of them to choose from. One of the most common types of corkscrew is the Wing Corkscrew. It is typically used to tear the cork apart rather than pulling it out smoothly. Another one is the Waiter’s Corkscrew, a common type of corkscrew that is seen in restaurants. Also, a screwpull corkscrew is included in the list and yes! It works well.


No matter what type of corkscrew you will use, do not forget to remove the foil cap first. Using the pointed tip of the corkscrew, cut the foil around the neck (below the bottom lip of the wine bottle) and then take away the foil. Be sure to position the bottle in a flat surface. After removing the cork, clean the lip of the bottle using a clean towel.

Always remember that there are instances that the foil and cork particles are left on the lip of the wine bottle. Be sure to remove those. Now, that you have opened your wine bottle, check for any particles that might have fallen inside the bottle. To remove this, pour the wine into another container. Use a funnel and a strainer to classify the particles that is inside the bottle.



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