Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Makeup Brushes

Other than your makeup, another important thing that gives you that polished look is your makeup brushes. With that said, the importance of properly caring for your brushes just can’t be emphasized enough. So, to help you make the most from each of your makeup brushes, here is a list of tips that you can do to make your brushes last longer.


1.       Perform weekly brush cleanings. One good way to keep your brushes free from bacteria and make them last longer is cleaning them at least once a week. Simply mix warm water and liquid soap in a glass, and then swirl your brushes in it one at a time. Once they’re clean, rinse with warm water, and let them sit overnight to completely dry.

2.       Avoid aggressive usage, or makeup application. Shoving your brushes in a makeup product and then on your face will only cause the bristles to spread and bend in different directions. Once the bristles are spread unnaturally, your makeup application will no longer be as precise as before.

3.       Keep the brush covers. Regardless if your brushes come with disposable or hard covers, always keep them on your brushes when they’re not in use. This will not just keep your brushes free from dirt, but also help in retaining the bristles’ original shape.


4.       Store them in a roll-up bag. Keep your brushes away from dust and sunlight by storing them in a roll-up bag that has individual brush slots. This will prevent your brushes from fading and getting contaminated with dust. Just remember to also wash the bag and not just the brushes.

5.       Throw away any expired makeup. Using your brushes to apply an expired makeup will only give you breakouts and contaminate your makeup brushes. Avoid this by ditching your expired creams, powders, and the likes to keep your brushes and face from bacteria.

6.       Avoid sharing brushes. Sharing your brushes, even with your sister or mom, is never a good idea. Keep your brush set to yourself, especially your eye and lip brushes, to avoid cross contamination.

7.       Invest in good brushes. Do yourself a huge favour by investing in good quality brushes. Not only will these brushes make your makeup application easier, they also last much longer than the cheaper ones. Trust us ladies; you’ll surely get what you paid for.

Keeping your brushes clean is important not just in getting a perfect makeup look, but also in protecting your skin against acne-causing bacteria. So take good care of your brushes, and they’ll definitely take care of you as well.


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