4 Phone Battery Myths, Debunked!

In the past few years, smartphone manufacturers worked hard to improve the quality and lifespan of phone batteries—and a lot has changed ever since. It means that those tips you heard to stretch out your phone’s battery life five to 10 years ago may no longer be as effective as they once were.

So, before telling your friend with iPhone X to disable his Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, let us shed some light on the old beliefs that many of us are probably still preaching about.

Myth 1: It’s detrimental to the battery to keep it plugged in overnight.
Your touchscreen phone is called smartphone for a reason—it has smart technology that automatically stops your phone from charging when its battery reaches 100 percent recharged. Instead of continuous supply of energy from the power source to the battery, your phone enters ‘trickle charge’ mode when it is plugged in and full. With that being said, leaving your gadget charging overnight is not detrimental to its battery.

Myth 2: Keeping your Wi-Fi switched on will kill the battery sooner.
Although this is slightly true, it isn’t noticeable. Keeping your Wi-Fi does consume some energy, but very mild that that you cannot notice it. When your phone automatically searches for Wi-Fi connection, it is only catching signals from access points to let you know that there are connections nearby. This is a very low energy-consuming task and is not taking up to much battery juice at all.

Myth 3: Avoid using your phone when charging.
You’ve probably heard this advice from a concerned mom or from your tech-savvy grandpa. They say that using your phone while it is plugged in can electrocute you or make your phone explode. Although the recharging time before your battery fully juiced up is longer when your phone is in use, the performance of a charging phone’s circuitry is the same. So, if you need to make an important call or want to check your Facebook, fiddling with your phone while charging won’t harm you.

Myth 4: Disabling functions like Location Services and Bluetooth drastically improves battery life.
While this used to be true, Bluetooth and Location Services of smartphones today are no longer as bloodthirsty as before. If they used to suck the life out of your old phone’s battery like a vampire, now you can enable the function all day without noticing its toll on your phone’s performance. Although this additional use of service means additional use of energy, we are talking about a very little battery life difference—like 30 minutes shorter over the span of 24 hours, not really worth the hassle.

Now that you have a clearer idea of what your smartphone is really capable of doing, try to maximize its usage. After all, smartphones do not come cheap, so try to make the most out of yours.

Six Signs of Smartphone Addiction

Life without smartphone is incomplete. For any Singaporeans, smartphones are the first and the last thing they hold every day. In fact, most Singaporeans sleep next with their smartphones. There are even people who cannot live without smartphones. These people are called addicts. Yes, there is such thing as smartphone addicts.


If there is a computer or gaming addiction, there is smartphone addiction which is part of the larger behavioural addictions. We have to know that it is an addiction as long as it produces pleasure in our brains and we lost total control. If we want to evaluate ourselves whether we are smartphone addicts or not, we have to know the 6 signs. Here are the signs:

  • Salience: Behaviour turns out to be salient when it is deeply rooted in our daily routine. This means that our day seems to be lacking without our smartphones. For example, we would go to the extent of back home if we discovered that our smartphones are left there.
  • Mood modification: Smartphones have the power to modify our moods. How so? Well, for starters, when we hear a tone, the feeling of excitement or anticipation is there. We feel euphoric. However, if our smartphones bring bad news, our mood suddenly changes from euphoria to doom.
  • Tolerance: Tolerance means the ability of the body to become adjusted to something (in this case smartphones) to address an increasing “dose” to reach desired “high”.


  • Withdrawal: Withdrawal is negative feelings of stress, desperation, irritability and anxiousness when we are separated from the thing that we want most. For addicts, they become agitated when they do not see or touch their smartphones.
  • Conflict: The outcome of addiction is conflict. Smartphone addictions affect our relationships with our family and friends. We may notice that the people around us are complaining about our use of smartphones. We have argued many times because we cannot let any text or call pass. We even use smartphones when driving the car. This is not healthy and it can be extremely dangerous.
  • Relapse: We realized that our smartphones are undermining our wellbeing so we do our best to stop but it is not for long. We slip back and that is called relapse.

By the time we read the signs, we will have better idea of whether we are an addict, on the borderline or not. If we are an addict, it is time to do something about it. There are many doctors here who specializes in different addictions, it is time to enlist their help.


Choosing the Right Broadband Service

laptop For practical people who are thinking about installing home broadband connection, they consider the cheapest services. That is not wrong considering that Singapore now offers one of the cheapest broadband connections in the world. This is good news. For a small price, people in their households can access the internet.

The challenge is looking for the right package. Here are some packages that you should contemplate:


If you are just starting, you can consider a beginner’s package. This package is easy to use and set up. It is not that expensive too. If you have issues, you can easily call their customer support.


If you are thinking of installing a broadband connection in your business premises, you have to consider a different package. Business broadband offers additional services like email addresses (with your company’s name), security, static or fixed IP, etc. This is expensive.


If you are on-the-go, you can consider mobile broadband. This is portable. You can bring it in the office, school, coffee shop or anywhere. Mobile broadband is popular these days.


If the members of your family have specific needs, you should consider family broadband. For this type of broadband package, your family can enjoy internet connections in their laptop, tablets, mobile phones, gaming and many more.


If most of your activities are online (like gaming, blogging, internet marketing, etc.), you should think about heavy-duty broadband package. This is expensive but rest assured you will be satisfied with the service.

If you are really interested, you can call ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that you consider and from there you can evaluate which one is best for your needs. Your chosen ISP will enlighten you, do not worry. The internet can be a great help but you have to use it right. It can destroy you if you are not careful.